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Samsung Galaxy Store Support Ending

As of March 16, 2023 00:01 UTC, Wild Rift will no longer be offered in the Samsung Galaxy Store. To keep queuing up for Wild Rift, visit Google Play or the App Store.

Own a Samsung device? Then you're in luck, because League of Legends: Wild Rift is now on the Samsung Galaxy Store!

I own a Samsung device! What does that mean for me?

The Galaxy Store has been fine-tuned to offer Samsung-users a streamlined gaming experience. To learn what that means and how to take advantage of it, read on!

Getting Ready

If you want to enjoy the benefits of the Samsung Galaxy Store but have already grabbed Wild Rift from another app marketplace, the first thing you'll need to do is uninstall and re-download the game from the Galaxy Store. And don't worry! All of your data is tied to your Riot Account, so just log back in to pick up right where you left off.

Finding Wild Rift in the Galaxy Store

If you haven't used it before, the Galaxy Store is located in the Samsung folder, which lives on the apps screen. Found the store, but you're not seeing Wild Rift? This means the game is not compatible with your current device, and you may have to upgrade to play.

Galaxy Store Perks

Once you've downloaded Wild Rift from the Galaxy Store, you'll find the game has automatically been integrated into your Samsung ecosystem! This means that any payment systems you've linked to your Samsung account will be available in the game without further setup. 


Of course, this also means that follow-up on any purchases you make will also go through the Samsung Galaxy Store—including refunding certain types of content. For more information, you can check out our refund page, or go directly to Samsung's customer support page for help!

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