Wild Rift Season 0

League of Legends: Wild Rift continues its journey across the world with another huge step: its first Ranked season!

Or zeroeth, really. We have a few things we're saving for Season 1, but there are rewards aplenty for those keen on making the climb now!

Although each season will usher in Rift-wide changes that affect all of our players, only those who jump into Ranked will reap season rewards. Not sure what that entails? Check out our Ranked Overview to learn how to get started.

For those already battling their way up the ladder, read on to see what loot awaits!

Important Dates

Season 0 Start - October 7th, 2020
Season 0 End - January, 2021

An in-game countdown clock will appear several days before Season 0 ends, so keep your eyes on the Ranked hub come late December!

Season 0 Rewards & Features


Gold, Platinum, Emerald, and Diamond

Just because it's Season 0 doesn't mean zero rewards! After all, the climb itself may be invigorating, but who doesn't like a few sweet prizes along the way?


Ranked features allow players to show their Ranked might in their profile and loading screens. Unlike rewards, they are activated by default and cannot be chosen or adjusted by players. You handle the climb, we'll take care of the rest!

Feature Condition Delivery Time

Current Rank Icon Border

Rank changes

Upon promotion/demotion

Current Rank Loading Screen Border

Rank changes

Upon promotion/demotion


Unlike features, rewards are special items that are added to your account's inventory. They'll remain there even when the current season ends, and can be worked into your emote or icon rotation whenever you like!

Reward Condition Delivery Time

Unique S0 Emote


Reach Gold

Upon reaching Gold + 10 games won in Ranked

S0 Participation Icon


Play at least one Ranked game


Highest Rank Player Emblem

Reach at least Gold


master-grandmaster-challenger Banners

Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger

Tier Reset

Glory. Challenge. Loot. There's no shortage of reasons to test your mettle in Ranked play. But if you need even more incentive, how about starting on a higher rung of the ladder next season?


End of Season 0 Start of Season 1
Iron 1-4 Remain the same
Bronze 1-4 Remain the same
Silver 1-4 Remain the same
Gold 4 Remain the same
Gold 3 Remain the same
Gold 2 Remain the same
Gold 1 Remain the same
Platinum 4 Gold 1
Platinum 3 Gold 1
Platinum 2 Platinum 4
Platinum 1 Platinum 3
Emerald 4 Platinum 2
Emerald 3 Platinum 1
Emerald 2 Platinum 1
Emerald 1 Emerald 4
Diamond 4 Emerald 3
Diamond 3 Emerald 2
Diamond 2 Emerald 2
Diamond 1 Emerald 1
Master Diamond 4
Grandmaster Diamond 4
Challenger Diamond 3

Other End-of-Season Notes

Your Ranked Fortitude will reset back to zero as soon as the season finishes. That includes any active loss protection or coming double-win bonuses, so use 'em while you can!

League of Legends PC players are probably wondering where the Victorious skin is. You know, one of the special rewards reserved for those who reach Gold or higher? Well, wonder no more: we're saving it for Season 1! We understand many of you set your sights on Gold to grab this exclusive skin, and we want to make sure that opportunity is available to as many players as possible. As for which champion will receive this special honor, well… Let's just say it's a champion...from the game…League of Legends.

Anyways, the clock's ticking! So log in, queue up, and climb away!

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