End of Season Info

Resets, rewards, and more make the end of each season as eventful as the season itself. Read on to get an idea of what you can expect!

Tier Reset

Glory. Challenge. Loot. There's no shortage of reasons to test your mettle in Ranked play. But if you need even more incentive, how about starting on a higher rung of the ladder next season?

If you've finished your placement games, your starting rank will be entirely based on your final rank in the previous season as described below:

Final Rank in Current Season Starting Rank in Next Season
Iron, Bronze, Silver, or Gold No change!
Platinum 4 Gold 1
Platinum 3 Gold 1
Platinum 2 Platinum 4
Platinum 1 Platinum 3
Emerald 4 Platinum 2
Emerald 3 Platinum 1
Emerald 2 Platinum 1
Emerald 1 Emerald 4
Diamond 4 Emerald 4
Diamond 3 Emerald 3
Diamond 2 Emerald 2
Diamond 1 Emerald 1
Master Diamond 4
Grandmaster Diamond 4
Challenger Diamond 3




End of season comes with a few rewards for those who have braved the ranked queue:

Reward Condition
Participation Icon

Play at least one Ranked game
Highest Rank Player Emblem Reach Gold + 10 games won in ranked

You also stand to win special content throughout the season, including a special Glorious skin that is automatically distributed when you reach Gold with at least 10 ranked wins. For more specifics on this and other potential rewards, check out our current season FAQ!


Other End-of-Season Notes

Your Ranked Fortitude will reset back to zero as soon as the season finishes. That includes any active loss protection or coming double-win bonuses, so use 'em while you can!

As mentioned in our Ranked Overview, you'll only have to play through your placement games once. If you finished them in any previous season, you're good to go!

The clock's ticking! Log in, queue up, and climb away!

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