Wild Rift Patch Schedule

There are few things worse than sitting down for some quality matches only to discover a huge, unexpected patch stands between you and hitting the queue with your crew. If only there were some sort of schedule you could check to know when they're coming…

Oh, wait—THERE IS!

Patch Release Schedule

Version Date (00:01 UTC)
5.0 Jan 18, 2024
5.1 Apr 11, 2024
5.2 July 18, 2024

Note that this list does not include smaller balance patches (3.1a, 3.1b, etc.), as they follow a more fluid schedule and are harder to predict.

Once a patch is released, you'll have a 24 hour grace period during which you can keep playing with other pre-patch players. Once the time is up, however, you'll have to download and install the latest update to queue up.

Each patch is the result of months of planning, thousands of hours of work, and 200+ years(!!!) of development experience, so we do our best to hit the planned dates. That being said, stuff happens, and these dates are therefore subject to change. But we'll always do our best to warn you beforehand!

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