Ranked Overview

At its heart, League of Legends: Wild Rift is a competitive game. You need teamwork, knowledge, and skill to succeed. But just how good are you?

Only those who test their strength in Ranked will ever know!

Legendary Queue

This article features the standard Ranked Queue. If you're looking for information on Legendary Queue, go here!

Ranked Tiers


Instead of a single towering summit, it's helpful to visualize the many tiers of Ranked as a sprawling mountain range. Every peak conquered is a triumph!


Diamond and below are further subdivided into four divisions, meaning you'll have to climb from Iron IV to Iron I before you're able to bump up to Bronze IV.


No Placement Matches!

The Ranked experience starts the very first time you queue up, no placements needed!

Ranked Marks

Ranked Marks are the indicators around your ranked tier portrait that track your progress through each division. Winning earns a Mark, while losing removes one (except in Iron and Bronze). You'll generally need more Ranked Marks to climb divisions at higher tiers, so climbing from Platinum to Emerald will take a LOT longer than hopping from Iron to Bronze.

Though it seems simple, there are some subtleties to this system, so be sure to visit the Ranked Mark page to learn more!

Ranked Fortitude

You'll be awarded Ranked Fortitude for winning and playing a good, clean game of Wild Rift. Fill up your Fortitude bar to get Loss Shields, which you'll consume instead of losing a Ranked Mark in defeat. Keep your win streak alive for long enough, and you can even score TWO Ranked Marks for a win!

For more details on exactly how this system works, visit our Ranked Fortitude page.

No Promotion Series!

You heard that right! Ascending to a new tier is exactly like climbing between divisions—you'll just have to win a single game to make the jump, no promotion series required.
This also means that, once you run out of marks in your current division/tier, you'll drop down after just one loss. Easy come, easy go!!

Ranked Draft

Champion Select plays out a little differently in Ranked compared to normal games. That's why we detailed the process on our Map and Modes page!

Queue with 1, 2, 3, or 5 Players

No need for a double (or triple! OR QUINTUPLE!) take, you read that right—you can queue up for ranked games with parties of one, two, three, or five!

In an effort to further streamline the mobile League experience, we've consolidated all of Ranked into a single queue and boosted the maximum party size to five. Sorry, parties of four—you'll have to stick to normal queue!

For more details on why we've chosen this direction, check out this Wild Rift dev diary.

Queueing with Higher/Lower Ranked Friends

There's nothing like playing with your friends! However, balancing games is already a delicate process, and even our robust algorithms don't have an answer for what to do with an Iron player in a Challenger game. So we've removed that possibility entirely!


Here are the limits when you queue up solo, duo, or in a party of three:

Your Rank Premade Party Rank Limit
Iron Iron, Bronze, Silver
Bronze Iron, Bronze, Silver
Silver Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold
Gold Silver, Gold, Platinum
Platinum Gold, Platinum, Emerald
Emerald Platinum, Emerald, Diamond
Diamond IV–III Emerald, Diamond
Diamond II–I Emerald, Diamond, Master
Master Diamond I & II, Master, Grandmaster
Grandmaster Master, Grandmaster
Challenger Challenger
Sovereign Challenger, Sovereign

While players are generally restricted to queueing with players one tier above/below their own, there are several exceptions.

First, since there are relatively few Iron players, they're able to queue with friends all the way up to Silver, and vice versa.

Once you hit Diamond and up, the restrictions tighten to reflect the heightened stakes. Diamond IV and III, for instance, can play with Emerald and Diamond players of any division, but they cannot queue with Master and higher. Diamond II and I, on the other hand, can queue with any Emerald, Diamond, or Master players.

Reaching Challenger or Sovereign is no joke, which is why both tiers are tightly restricted as shown above.

Full Team Queue

If you queue up as a full 5-stack, your premade limits are a little more flexible:

Your Rank Premade Party Rank Limit
Iron Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold
Bronze Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold
Silver Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
Gold Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald
Platinum Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond
Emerald Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Master
Diamond Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Master
Master Emerald, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster
Grandmaster Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, Challenger
Challenger Master, Grandmaster, Challenger
Sovereign Grandmaster, Challenger, Sovereign

Ranked Rewards

Sure, the glory's great and all...but what about the PRIZES?!

Players who brave the Ranked queue will find themselves handsomely rewarded. While many of these perks are distributed once the season ends, some are doled out mid-season for achieving certain tiers, so always keep an eye on your Wild Rift inbox!

To find out what rewards await you, check out the Current Ranked Season page!

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