Remakes and Surrenders in Wild Rift

Destroying the enemy Nexus might be your final goal, but there are plenty of reasons you might be keen to throw in the towel before then. Maybe you're looking at a 4v5 after an ally disconnects, or the scoreboard feels too lopsided to save. Whatever the reason, you have two powerful tools to end a game early: remakes and surrenders.


If a player is found to be have been inactive/AFK for a certain period of time when the clock hits 3 minutes, the affected team will immediately enter a remake vote for the next 30 seconds. If at least 30% of the affected team votes to Remake (two players in a 4v5, one player in a 3v5 or lower), then the match will end right then and there.

There is, however, one exception: if it's determined that the leaving player went AFK after their team gave up First Blood, remaking the game will not be an option.

What happens after a remake in Wild Rift?

For all the players who were present for the first 3 minutes of the game (ie everybody but the AFK player[s]), it will be as if the match never happened. You won't earn any XP or Blue Motes, you won't earn/lose Ranked Marks or Ranked Fortitude, you won't gain any progress in missions or champion Mastery, etc.. Consumed boosts and other similar items will also be refunded. You'll be exactly back to where you were prior to the remake.

The AFK player(s), however, will face the following consequences:

  • Match marked as a LOSS, even if you're in your promos! Ranked Marks/Fortitude/LP will be deducted accordingly.
  • 1-minute queue delay penalty immediately following the AFK.
  • Account flagged by LeaverBuster, the system that penalizes you for disconnecting in the middle of a matchmade game. This could result in further queue delays.
  • For Master and above, if someone in your premade is the cause of a /remake, you'll take the same penalties they do!


Surrenders are first available 5 minutes into a match, and initially require a unanimous vote to succeed. Once the match hits 9 minutes, you'll need over 70% of active players to vote "yes" to surrender.

Active Players Votes to Surrender after 9 min
5 4
4 3
3 3
2 2
1 1

The number of required votes is always indicated by a small white vertical bar between the vote blocks, as shown between the two "no" votes in this 4-player vote:


You can initiate the vote yourself by going into Settingssettings.png and selecting the Surrender button. Until the match hits 5 minutes, however, the button will be grayed out and list the time remaining until the vote is available in parentheses below.

Once a vote is initiated, all players on the surrendering team will be prompted to vote "Yes" or "No." Refraining will count as a "No" vote.

A successful surrender vote results in the immediate Defeat of the forfeiting team, including all the Ranked Mark/Fortitude/LP loss that entails. So fight on as long as you can!

An unsuccessful surrender vote means the game will go on. Additionally, you'll have to wait for a short cooldown to elapse before voting again. Use that opportunity to take a breath and rally!

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