Victory Points

Players who achieve glittering Diamond glory and higher may still be playing the same game, but the stakes are completely different. 


So no more Ranked Marks?

Nope! While the early tiers are perfectly suited to the simplicity of Ranked Marks, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger are better served by a system that reflects the nuance of high level matches. Ranked Fortitude likewise stops after Diamond, because loss protection? Bonus wins? Pah! A champion cares not for such things!

How do Victory Points work?

At the conclusion of a game, Victory Points are awarded or deducted based on your performance, among other factors. Just like the tiers before it, Diamond has four divisions for you to climb before jumping to Master. Unlike the tiers before it, you’ll need to gather 100 Victory Points for every division!

Once you’ve hit Master, the system becomes more dynamic. Instead of divisions, you will be shown which percentage of players you are ranked above. Manage to attain Grandmaster or Challenger, and you’ll see your position among your peers. Want to know exactly where you stand? Then aim for the top!

Leaderboard Updates

Leaderboards for Master and above update daily at 00:00 UTC and may take up to 15 minutes to fully update.

Victory Point Decay

Fighting your way to the top is an incredible achievement, but it’s also not the end. Players who scrap their way into Master and above must continue to prove their worth on the Wild Rift, or else their Victory Points will gradually decay until they are pushed back into Diamond. But how does the system determine if a player is “inactive”? And, more importantly, how do you avoid it?

It works like this: every player has a hidden activity score that reflects how often they are playing. Joining a ranked game grants +1 to that score, which caps out at a total of 7. However, the score automatically ticks off -1 for every passing day until it reaches zero, at which point players start losing Victory Points instead. If the activity score remains at zero, then Victory Points continue to drop each day until the player is either demoted back into Diamond or plays a ranked game to increase their activity score.

In short, a ranked game a day keeps the decay away!

If daily play simply isn’t on the table, stock up on games before planned bouts of inactivity to protect your position. 

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