Legendary Queue

What is Legendary Queue?

Legendary Queue (LQ) is a unique Wild Rift-exclusive experience that puts your skills to the ultimate test. It differs from Ranked Queue in several key ways, such as…

Unique Legendary Queue MMR

Climbing in LQ won't affect your MMR in Ranked, and vice versa. So don't hold back!

Solo Queue Only

Standard Ranked may be a great place to play competitively with your friends, but LQ is all about the climb! In order to make your LQ journey a true reflection of your own personal skill, you'll only be able to queue up by yourself.


The top 100 players from your region get a place of prestige on LQ's public leaderboards. Get a look at your competition or vie for a spot yourself!

Intrigued? Then read on to see how you can get started!

Legendary Queue Requirements

If you wanna try your hand at Legendary Queue, you'll first need to reach Master in Ranked for the current season and possess a Champion Mastery score of at least 1000. Once you do that, LQ will be continue to be available to you as long as you stay in Diamond or above. Fall any lower, and you'll have to climb back to Diamond before you can join the Legendary Queue once more.

Just remember—this only applies to the current season! If you're lower than Master following the end-of-season Ranked Reset, you'll have to climb back up to Master before Legendary Queue unlocks for you once more.

Of course, unlocking LQ doesn't mean you'll get to play right away. First, you'll have to check the…

Legendary Queue Daily Schedule

This hyper-competitive queue is hand-tailored to serve the best of the best—which ultimately means a smaller player pool. That's why Legendary Queue is only available during specific times each day. Limiting its availability to certain times makes it easier to field two teams of five, and also helps ensure that the players you see on the leaderboards are the same ones you encounter in-game.

Note that the first Legendary Queue of the season may open at a different time (which you can check in-client!), but it will follow this cadence thereafter:

Region Weekday Weekend
Americas 12:00–23:59 PDT 12:00–23:59 PDT
China 18:00–23:59 CST 12:00–23:59 CST
Asia 12:00–23:59 CST 12:00–23:59 CST
Europe 12:00–23:59 CEST 12:00–23:59 CEST

And don't rush yourself if you're playing one at the end of the day! Once you're in a match, you'll be able to finish even if it lasts past closing time.

Legendary Tiers and Divisions


Legendary Queue comes with its own set of equally legendary tiers:

Tier Legendary Points
Warrior IV–I 0–799
Commander IV–I 800–1599
Guardian IV–I 1600–2399
Vanquisher IV–I 2400–3199
Immortal IV–I 3200–3999
Legend 4000+


Much like standard Ranked, each of the six tiers has four divisions. Unlike standard Ranked, however, you'll need to earn 200 Legendary Points to climb through each division, which raises the question…

What are Legendary Points?

At the conclusion of each LQ match, Legendary Points (LP) are awarded or deducted based on your performance, among other factors. Gather enough points, and you'll jump up to the next tier/division. Lose 'em, and you'll tumble back down. It's just that simple!

When you join Legendary Queue for the first time, you'll start at 800 Legendary Points (Commander IV). Where you go from there is up to you!

Legendary Point Decay

Fighting your way through Legendary Queue is an incredible achievement, but it’s also not the end. Players who earn more than 800 Legendary Points must continue to prove their worth in LQ, or else their LP will gradually decay until they drop back down to 800 LP. But how does the system determine if a player is "inactive"? And, more importantly, how do you avoid it?

It's actually pretty simple: If you're above 800 LP and haven't played Legendary Queue for 7 days, you'll lose 40 LP every week until you either play a match in LQ or reach 800 LP. You'll get a notification when you open the Legendary Queue screen if you're at risk of decaying. If it's already too late, you'll get a notice of how much LP you've lost.

Legendary Queue Rewards

The prestige and challenge of climbing Legendary Queue may be fulfilling on its own, but that doesn't mean you can't earn some amazing swag along the way.

Legendary Queue rewards rotate every season and typically feature an icon, border, and banner reflecting your tier, as well as a bauble, emote, and special ability augment for the that season's Ranked skin.

To get a better idea of each reward's requirements and what the ability augment looks like, select Legendary Rewards from the Ranked Rewards page, which can be accessed from Ranked button on the left side of the home screen.

Just like standard Ranked rewards, these rewards may change over different seasons, to grab 'em while you can!

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