Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) Mode in Wild Rift

By now you probably have an idea of what to expect from Wild Rift's standard map. Heck, you probably even know the ins and outs of ARAM! But with a new game mode comes new rules, and if you're going to survive the mega fast world of URF, you're going to want to answer one simple question: How is URF different from standard PVP?

There's a lot to cover, so let's start with the URFiest part of URF:

URF Buff

All champions in URF benefit from a global buff that puts the "Ultra Rapid" in Ultra Rapid Fire! It comes with a ton of effects you can see the specifics of by tap-and-holding the buff in-game, but we've outlined the biggest ones here, starting with…

Abilities Cost ZERO Energy/Mana

Who needs mana management when all of your abilities are free? Fling out your strongest attacks with impunity, knowing that a second cast is always just a short cooldown away!

Of course, this tweak by itself doesn't mean much for champs like Garen and Katarina who are already manaless. That's why we've also added...

Greatly Increased Ability Haste

Unlimited abilities not doing it for you? How about nonstop unlimited abilities?

The URF buff grants a huge amount of Ability Haste, empowering you to spam your moves with frankly alarming frequency. Put your enemies in a constant state of fear by throwing out Blitz grabs like they were Ezreal Mystic Shots!

...Huh? What about champions who rely on auto-attacks for damage? Oh, don't worry about them! Because when it comes to URF...

Champions Are Faster and Stronger

Abilities are great and all, but we've also boosted some baseline stats and bonuses to make sure all champs can keep up with URF's breakneck pace.

In fact, all of the following are increased:

  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Attack Speed Bonuses (1.5x for melee, 2x for ranged)
  • Movement Speed
  • Base Tenacity

Bigger hits, quicker autos, and faster movement! Not to mention a little crowd-control resistance to escape those pesky stun chains.

But what about itemization? Won't mana items get the short end of the Needlessly Large Rod? Not when...

Bonus Mana Is Converted to Health

40% of the bonus mana you'd normally receive from items is also converted to health. For example, an item that grants 100 mana would also give you 40 health, so don't worry about rethinking your itemization too much!

Reduced-But-Ramping Heals and Shields 

As it turns out, giving healing/shielding champions infinite mana can get out of hand quickly. That's why we've reduced all healing and shielding abilities to 50% power at the beginning of each match. They will, however, become 3.5% more effective each minute as the match goes on, so grab that healing mitigation early or face an unlimited font of health!

Oh, and Honeyfruit healing is not included. Those gooey green morsels remain as deliciously restorative as ever!

Rebalanced Champions

Because not all of our champions benefit equally from the URF buff, we've also subtly retuned many of them to better navigate their new ultra-rapid lifestyle. Give 'em a try to see how they stack up to their standard Wild Rift selves! 

URF Cannon


Why walk back to your lane when you can blast across the map in the blink of an eye?!

Each team has a glorious URF cannon just beside their fountain that helps them get where they wanna be in record time. Launching out of its glimmering golden barrel is as useful as it is fun, so read on to learn the basics!

How to Use the URF Cannon

  1. Enter the Cannon. Get close enough to the cannon, and your Minion-Targeting button will transform into a special URF Cannon button. Give it a tap, and you'll hop inside the cannon, where enemies can't attack you and your abilities will become hidden.
  2. Take Aim. Once you're inside the cannon, tap-and-hold the URF Cannon button (previously your Minion-Targeting button) to start taking aim, then drag around the screen until you find the spot you want to go. To cancel your shot, drag to the X in the upper right corner.
  3. Fire! Release the button to fly through the air to your destination! You'll be untargetable for the duration of the journey(yay!), but you also won't be able to use abilities(boo!), so just sit back and enjoy the ride.
  4. Land! When your champion finally hits the ground, you'll do some damage and knock enemies in your landing zone airborne. But this damage and CC ain't free! There's a short window after impact where you're targetable but still cannot use any of your abilities. Blasting into a big group of enemies without backup or an escape plan might result in an ultra-rapid recall; AKA, death. Choose your landing zone wisely!

The cannon is usually your best option for getting back into the fray, so use it whenever you can!

Other Changes for URF

Here are a few of the more subtle adjustments we've made to round out your URFperience.

More Gold and Experience

In URF, the Gold and XP are amped up across the board. That means more passive Gold/XP per second, along with greater rewards for slaying minions, monsters, and even enemy champions. Fight fast, level up and purchase items even faster!

Reduced Cooldown for Items, Runes, and Spells

Active and passive items (ie. stacking ones), runes, and spells can all be used with much higher frequency thanks to heavily reduced cooldowns. Use them liberally!

Juiced Up Jungle

The jungle monsters have soaked up a little of that ambient URF goodness, resulting in faster spawns, more health, and better buffs.

Monster URF Changes
Rift Herald
  • Respawns sooner after first death
  • Respawns sooner after first death
  • Increased health
Elder Drake
  • Can spawn much earlier
  • Increased health
  • Increased buff burn damage
  • Increased health
  • Increased buff stats (greater damage reduction for empowered minions, increased AD/AP gains)

Muscly Minions and Tweaked Turrets

URF minions spawn at a faster rate, move across the map more quickly, and hit a little harder. Outer turrets boast two additional plates (for a total of five!) that grant more Gold and never disintegrate on their own. They also take a defensive hit at 3 minutes that makes them easier to destroy and harder to defend, so beware of early tower dives!

Limited Availability!

The final feature you have to know about URF: it's only available for a limited time! Queue up and get in your lightning-fast matches while you can!

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