Guild vs Guild Seasons FAQ

The Guild vs Guild season is underway, and that means players from across the globe are pledging their allegiance in hopes of attaining guildly glory. If that sounds familiar, then this is the FAQ for you!

What is Guild vs Guild?

Simply put, Guild vs Guild is an exciting new experience that pits guilds against each other in weekly head-to-head battles. If you want it put less simply, check out our Guild vs Guild Battle Overview.

How long is a Guild vs Guild season?

Each season is about 3 months long. During that time you'll have the opportunity to battle 10 rival guilds, vie for a spot on the leaderboard, and represent several of Runeterra’s most iconic champions. Then, once the season ends, we RESET AND DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!

Where do these GvG battles happen, exactly?

Each season plays out in a different location in Runeterra, shining a spotlight on some of your favorite champions and places. Check out our rundown to see where the fight is happening this time around.

Teamwork is cool and all, but what’s in it for me?

The time you spend playing with guildmates and completing missions is rewarded with Trophy Points, which increase your milestone level for the season and unlock rewards. This track and your total TP reset at the end of each season, so make sure to keep an eye on how much time you have left to level up.

Ready to move on to a different guild? No worries! Trophy Points stick with you all season, no matter what guild you call your own.

The exact contents of the reward track change from one season to the next, so take a look at our rundown to see what’s on the menu right now!

Okay, so how do I earn Trophy Points?

If you help your guild out with weekly Guild vs Guild battles, earning Trophy Points is inevitable. Completing Guild Missions, working toward Champion Favor, and simply playing alongside your fellow guildmates will all earn you some of that sweet TP whether your guild wins the battle or not—and if your side does win, you’ll earn a big ol’ TP bonus to boot!

Not sure how those activities work? Check out our Guild vs Guild Battle Overview for the ins-and-outs.

How do leaderboards work?

Think you’re part of the world’s best guild? Heck, maybe you even think you’re the best guildmate in the world’s best guild! Well then, prove it! With guild leaderboards, you can see just how you and your guild stack up to the competition.

Guild vs Guild Leaderboard

On the Guild vs Guild leaderboard, guilds from around the world go head-to-head, pitting their scores against guilds from across all servers to see who can claim the top spot.

Medals are awarded to guilds based on their overall rank on the leaderboard. You’ll see them proudly displayed on your guild’s homepage, as well as on your own portrait during pre-game loading screens:




Top 75%


Top 50%


Top 25%


Top 10%


Top 1%


Top 20


Individual Leaderboards

Of course we all complete Guild Missions for the greater good, but what if you want to know whose good is greater? Contribution leaderboards allow guildmates to engage in a bit of friendly competition by comparing their performance in Guild vs Guild activities.

There are two of these leaderboards: The Weekly Contribution board shows contributions for the current week, while the Total Contribution board adds up points from the entire season. These boards only include players who are currently part of the guild, so don’t expect your score to stay behind if you move on.

What happens at the end of the season?

When the season comes to a close, the leaderboards stop updating and medals are locked in. You and your fellow guildmates can keep on completing missions for last-minute TP unlocks, but remember that nothing you do at this point will contribute to a Guild vs Guild battle.

But don’t you worry! When one season ends, the next one is never far behind. Before you know it, you’ll be in a new Runeterra location, battling alongside your guildmates and earning a whole new set of rewards.

For the most up-to-date season end/start time info, make sure to keep an eye on the in-game guild homepage.

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