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Between the Party Finder menu and the ability to add friends in the post-game lobby, Wild Rift makes buddying-up as easy as Honeyfruit pie. But what if you want to take things to the next level? Close Friends is a new system that rewards you for playing and interacting with others, making the time you spend with your bestest buds even better!


Becoming Close Friends

You become Close Friends in Wild Rift the same way you become close friends in real life: by hanging out and sending each cool stuff!

Act of Friendship

Friendship Points Earned

Play together!

5/Game* (Custom excluded)

Send a gift!

5/Everything else

*There is a weekly cap of 300 Friendship Points per Close Friend for playing games together.

Once you've gained 100 Friendship Points (FP), you can offer your Close Friendship to players from your Friend List or the Close Friends tab in your profile. If you use the second option, you'll also be able to see how much FP you have with others.

Also like in real life, you can only maintain so many Close Friendships at a time. Your list caps out at 20, so don’t go throwing those affections around willy-nilly!

Friendship Titles

Ready to define the relationship? Once you’ve become Close Friends, you can assign one of four titles to seal the deal:

  • Perfect Partners (Limited to 1 friend!)
  • The Might of Family
  • Inseparable Allies
  • Best Buddies

Titles can’t be changed after they’ve been assigned. If you really want to put a different label on your friendship, you’ll have to remove the title completely and apply a new one.

Friendship Levels

As you gain Friendship Points, your Close Friendships will grow stronger and gain additional perks. And the best part? Once your level is high enough, you can display your friendship status to the world! Whenever you play with a Lv. 2 Close Friend, your status as besties is proudly displayed for all to see in the pre-game loading screen; at Lv. 3, that status extends all the way to the spawning platform! Check out the table below for more info.

Friendship Level

Total FP Required




Share your champion pools when teaming up
in Co-op VS AI and normal games



Close Friends icon in loading screen
(+ Heart Streak after Lv. 3)



Close Friends icon and Heart Streak
on spawning platform

Heart Streaks

You know what they say: Play together, friends forever! 

Once your Close Friendship hits level 3, you'll earn a heart every time you play 10 games together in a week. This heart streak is the ultimate display of friendship—especially once you reach the cap of 3 hearts.

Of course, they ALSO say: Play apart, break your heart...streak.

Much like friendships, heart streaks have to be maintained—you'll lose 1 heart for each week you don't play with your Close Friend. But that doesn't mean you'll have to play dozens of games every week to maintain your streak! Just 1 game together each week is enough to preserve your hard-earned hearts.

Friendship Timeline

If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out the Memory Timeline to look back at highlights from your Close Friendships.

All Close Friends

For a quick glance at all of your relationships, navigate to the Close Friends tab on your profile. On this screen you’ll see everyone in your circle, organized by title and accompanied by your most recent shared activities.

Individual Close Friends

For a deeper look, tap on a friend to open your shared Memory Timeline. Here you can see how many days you’ve been Close Friends, how many matches you’ve played together, and the feats you’ve accomplished as a pair.

Ending a Close Friendship

You can remove a Close Friend at any time from the Close Friends menu. But don't make this decision lightly—ending a Close Friendship will also reset all the benefits of your union.

Restarting a Friendship

You can rekindle a Close Friendship once it’s ended, but you'll have to start from square one—that means your Friendship Points, memories, and the timeline will be lost forever!

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