Like any culinary master, Leona knows the secret to a great meal is the right flavor enhancer. Sure, you can chow down on some of her famous grilled meats on their own, but why do that when you could kick it up a notch with some tangy BBQ sauce? We’re talking ketchup, fresh honey, a secret blend of Targonian herbs and spices... Sorry, what were we talking about? Oh right, Boosts! A game of League of Legends: Wild Rift is great on its own, but adding a Boost or two makes it even better!


All About Boosts

Whether you want to supersize your Blue Motes or add a side of XP, Boosts are the best way to increase the nutritional value of a match. And the best part? You can even use a Team Boost to order for the whole table, granting benefits to every player on your team. 

Earning Boosts

Boosts can be earned as rewards from events, missions, and the Wild Pass, so you’ll need to put in some elbow grease to get ‘em!

Boost types

There are three varieties of Boost on the menu, each with its own flavor. The first two provide a powerful and long-lasting effect, while the third is a more fleeting combo deal.

Blue Motes Boost

Blue Motes earned through match wins are increased by 100%. This effect is valid for 3 wins and can be stacked with other Blue Mote rewards.


XP Boost

XP earned through match wins is increased by 100%. This effect is valid for 3 wins and can be stacked with other XP rewards.


Team Boost

Your XP and Blue Motes earned through match wins are increased by 20%, and each teammate receives a 10% boost. This effect is valid for 1 match and can be stacked with other XP and Blue More rewards.


Weekly Limits

There is a limit to the amount of XP and Blue Motes that you can earn each week (5,500 for XP, 14,700 for Blue Motes). However, the XP and Blue Motes earned from a Boost do not count toward that limit.


You are 20 points away from the weekly limit and you play a match with an XP boost active, earning 50 baseline XP and 50 boosted XP. Your baseline XP will still cap at 20 points, but the boosted XP will exceed the limit by 50 XP for a total of 5,550 XP.

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