Wild Cores

That League of Legends: Wild Rift has a TON of content should come as no surprise. After all, it’s drawing from a well of features we’ve been expanding and polishing for over a decade. And while we’ve kept the price of entry on its core gameplay completely free (Zero! Zilch! Nada!), we needed some way to provide players the opportunity to personalize their Wild Rift experience with all the bells and whistles while also putting food on our tables. Enter Wild Cores!

What the heck’re Wild Cores?!

Wild Cores are an in-game currency you purchase with real-world money. Long-time League players might recognize them as the Wild Rift equivalent of RP, but newcomers just need to know they’re the only currency you’ll pay for out of pocket.

Once purchased, Wild Cores can be exchanged for champions, skins, and a whole bunch of rad Rift content. They’re a great way to customize your experience and support the game at the same time!

Do I have to buy Wild Cores to play?

Not at all! Wild Rift is designed to offer a complete game without charging a single penny. The products you can purchase with Wild Cores largely offer purely cosmetic upgrades, and those that genuinely increase your playing options (ie. champions from our ever-expanding roster) can be obtained through other currencies earned simply by playing the game.

I’m sold! I mean… I’d like the Wild Cores to be sold. To me. How do I buy them?

Wild Cores can be purchased directly in the app! Just select the + at the top of the screen to open the store, then follow the instructions to purchase your desired product.

Setting Up Payment

Players will need to set up payment on their device’s app marketplace to purchase Wild Cores.

To do this in the Google Play Store on your Android device, click here.
To do this in the App Store on your Apple device, click here.

If you run into any other issues while trying to make a payment, please contact Apple/Google support.

What's this I hear about a reward?

The first time you purchase any number of Wild Cores, you’ll get to pick one TOTALLY FREE SKIN from a list of five!* A banner will appear on the main screen when this becomes available.

Already have all five skins? Don’t worry! You’ll receive 400 Poro Coins to put toward your collecting habit instead.

*Does not apply to first-time purchases made before patch 2.5

I bought some Wild Cores, but now I’m not really feeling it. Can I get a refund?

A simple question with a complex answer! To find out more about our refund policy for Wild Rift, click here.

What about Blue Motes? Poro Coins?!

Unlike Wild Cores, these two currencies must be earned rather than purchased. For more information on how to get them and what they’re for, click here!

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