If you want to make League of Legends: Wild Rift a truly mobile experience, you're gonna need a mobile carrier. But while the data plan they provide might help you queue up, it won't help you fill out your inventory with an ever-changing set of champions, emotes, bables, recalls, and summoner icons…

...unless, of course, your carrier offers RiotGO!

What is RiotGO?

RiotGO is a new service that allows players in Singapore to rent rotating Wild Rift content through Singtel. It's a great way to try a variety of champions and other items without committing, and it even has the potential to save you data and money. Read on to see how!

What's included in RiotGO? And RiotGO+?

A whole buncha stuff!

  RiotGO RiotGO+













Summoner Icons (quarterly)



Loot Boxes (one-per-cycle)



Most of these items change every 30 days starting from your initial activation, ensuring you have a steady stream of fresh content. The only exceptions are the summoner icons—which rotate every calendar quarter—and the once-per-billing-cycle RiotGO+ loot box.

RiotGO+ Loot Box

Every month you subscribe to RiotGO+ comes with a RiotGO+ loot box. And don't worry—even if you end up canceling your subscription, you'll get to keep any loot boxes you've received along with all the items you've gotten from them!

Extra Perks

In addition to the rotating content, some mobile carriers offer other benefits like waived data charges for Wild Rift! To see what's included with your RiotGO/RiotGO+ subscription, just reach out to your carrier and ask about their RiotGO promotions.

Sounds like a plan! How do I join?

RiotGO is initially launching exclusively with Singtel in Singapore, so the first step would be to check out their website or contact their customer service to see if you're eligible. If so, follow their directions to get things moving!

Just make sure to link your RiotGO-affiliated phone number to the correct Riot Account, as only one Riot Account can be linked to each number.

How long does RiotGO/RiotGO+ last?

RiotGO/RiotGO+ lasts for 30 days from the time of purchase, though in the future some carriers may offer different plans.

What happens if I already own some of the content included in RiotGO?

RiotGO will always work to maximize your benefits, which includes adding replacements when you already own champions from the rotating roster. However, purchasing a champion that's included in your current RiotGO subscription will not unlock a new rented champion. You'll have to wait until the next billing cycle for that!

I'm loving RiotGO! How do I upgrade to RiotGO+?

Whether or not you can upgrade in the middle of your subscription will depend on your carrier, so reach out to their support team to find out more.

Are there limits on what I can do with my rented content?

Nope! You can grab skins and earn mastery for your RiotGO roster the same way you would for owned champs. Better still, any progress or purchases you make will be saved when your rented champs rotate, so you can pick up right where you left when they re-enter your collection down the line.

Can I use RiotGO on the GO? Err… When I travel?

Of course! So long as you have an active mobile number and data plan in the country where you purchased RiotGO, your rotating retinue will travel with you. Just be sure to check your carrier's international data plan! Because whether you're talking rift herald or roaming penalties, nobody likes an unexpected charge.

I'm running into a problem with RiotGO…

If you're missing a specific part of the content included with RiotGO, submit a ticket and we'll see what we can do.

But if none of your content is appearing or your problem is data-related, contact your carrier. RiotGO is ultimately tied to your data plan, making your carrier the best bet for troubleshooting network/data-related problems.

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