In-Game Currencies

While gameplay for League of Legends: Wild Rift has been fine-tuned to be fun-sized, the item depth and variety are bigger than ever! Skins, emotes, champion poses… There’s something for everyone!

All this new stuff means new currencies, so read on to learn how to move items from your wish list to your owned list.

Blue Motes

Players familiar with our other games will recognize Blue Motes as the Wild Rift equivalent of Blue Essence (League of Legends) and Shards (Legends of Runeterra). But if this is your first foray into the Riot-sphere, a more in-depth explanation is in order…

And available directly below!

What are they for?

Certain types of content—like champions! Every champion is assigned a Blue Mote cost based on a variety of factors. This price can shift due to sales or just because a champion has been available for a certain period of time, so drop into the store every now and then to catch the newest deals.

How do I get them?

By playing games!

Whether the big letters at the end of your game spell “Victory” or “Defeat,” you’ll earn some Blue Motes just for giving it your all! And while those consolation Motes can take the edge off of a loss, there’s nothing better than earning BONUS Motes for your first win of the day. Get that W!

Blue Motes are also distributed through mission rewards and weekly chests, so keep an eye on these objectives to help build your Blue Mote fortune!


  1. Log on!
  2. Queue up!
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT.

Poro Coins

Getting those adorable white puffs their own currency is the first step in building a full-blown poro civilization. As such, we are pleased as a poro to introduce this remarkable new currency!

What are they for?

A whole buncha stuff!

Poro Coins can be exchanged for items like banners, poses, and skins in the Poro Coin Store. The Store’s offerings are always changing, so it pays to drop by regularly and see what’s for sale, especially since some content can only be acquired with Poro Coins. They can also be spent on Poro Coin Boxes, which contain a whole assortment of random goodies like icons, emotes, recalls, and more!

But that’s not even the best part! For you see, spending Poro Coins will get you Poro Energy...

What the heck is “Poro Energy”?

TFW the world around you is nonstop chaos, but all you want is to chill and eat Poro-Snax.

Real talk, the Poro Coin & Poro Energy system is yet another way we want to reward you for playing. It’s brand new and totally unique to Wild Rift, meaning it gets a page of its very own to give you all those sweet deets! 

How do I get them?

Short answer: delve deep into the huge variety of content the Wild Rift has to offer!

Long answer: Poro Coins are another currency you earn by playing, not paying. You’ll usually get an indication of when you’ll be rewarded Poro Coins for all your hard work, but if you want the specifics, visit the Poro Coin page!

Wild Cores

As Wild Rift’s only paid currency, Wild Cores merit a little more explaining. Fortunately, we LOVE explaining things!

What are they for?

Skins! Champions! MANY THINGS!

Truth be told, many (but not all!) of the items available for purchase with Wild Cores can also be obtained through other means (like the currencies listed above). However, it’s important to us that players who don’t have the time to gather unpaid currencies also have a way to customize their Wild Rift experience. But don’t worry! We’ve made sure that all features exclusively available for Wild Cores grant no in-game advantage outside of looking fly and feeling fresh. Victory must be earned! 

How do I get them?

Like elsewhere in life, money complicates things! Fortunately, we’ve prepared a handy guide to get those Cores out of your dreams and into your account. Just click here!

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