Using Wild Rift's Wishlist

Time-honored traditions like blowing out candles on a birthday cake or holding your breath through a tunnel might get you the items you want in League of Legends: Wild Rift, but why not give fate a little help with our awesome wishlist feature?

Wishlist Basics

Although the content of each wishlist may differ, their basic rules are always the same:

  • You can only store up to 30 items on your wishlist at a time
  • You can only add giftable items to your wishlist, meaning items available for purchase with Wild Cores
  • Newly added items are prioritized over old items
  • You can choose which items friends can see, and which items are only viewable by you
  • You can tag items with a short description to help guide generous friends

Well, that's simple enough! But you may be wondering...

What are the perks of having a wishlist?

Wild Rift gets more content by the patch (faster, even!), which can make trying to get everything you want a little overwhelming. The wishlist is a great way to consolidate all the cool new items you have your eye on to one place, so you can more easily pick and choose where to spend your hard-earned Wild Cores!

But that's not the only reason to fill out your list! Your friends can also check out your wishes, making it easier for them to know just what to get you for that special day, or just because.

So choose your items, cross your fingers, and make a wish!


How do I add items to my wishlist?

Just follow your heart!

Or the hearts, rather.

Items that can be added to your wishlist will have a little heart icon tucked away in the corner. Give it a tap, and that item will be added to your list.

For items that have already been added to your wishlist, that same button will instead remove the item from your list. You can also go into the wishlist itself to remove or change the visibility settings on all your items.

Where can I find my wishlist? What about my friend's?

To see your wishlist, drop into the store and take a look at the upper-left-hand corner. See the little button with a heart on it? That's your wishlist!

For your friend's wishlist, take a look at their profile. The heart on the right-hand side of their main page will take you where you want to go!

How do I give my friend an item from their wishlist?

Once you're in a friend's wishlist, simply tap the item you want to give, follow the prompts, and POW! The gift is on its way!

Note that gifts may take a few minutes to reach their recipients, but if it's taking longer than usual, feel free to reach out to us and we'll get you squared away!

Find yourself with generosity to spare? Then go here to learn more about giving out gifts!

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