Pings in Wild Rift

When it comes to getting an edge in the fast-paced battlefield of League of Legends: Wild Rift, communication is key. Sure, you can turn on voice with your friends, but what about the voiceless video game vagabonds you've been matched with? In the time it would take you to type out "heads up, y'all! i think they're in this bush, so let's play it cool," your team will probably have already face-checked their way into a game-ending wombo-combo.

Unless you warn them with a quick Danger ping, of course.

What are pings?

Pings are a simple means of letting your teammates know what you're thinking without chat or comms.

They come in three great flavors:



The preferred ping of pugilists everywhere! Lookin' to pick a fight? Engage is the ping for you!



DON'T GO IN THERE! Danger is a great way to keep your allies from venturing into certain doom.

On My Way


On My Way can give your allies time to prepare for a gank or let them know help is coming. Use it often!

How do I use pings?


Pings are nestled in the top right corner of the screen by default. While a single tap will cause the chosen ping to appear right on top of your champion, the real power of pings shines when you tap-and-hold, which will cause a minimap to appear. Then you can drag your finger to the chosen location and release to activate a ping anywhere you like!

Change your mind mid-ping? Don't worry! Just drag your finger outside of the minimap and release to cancel.

Who can see my pings?

Pings are only visible to your allies, so don't worry about tipping your hand to the enemy team! They will appear on the minimap for your whole team, and will be visible on the terrain itself for any allies present on that part of the map. Each ping also comes with its own unique audio cue, so keep both your eyes and ears open when planning your next move.

Who is pinging me?

Text will display in the chatbox indicating which champion issued the ping. Additionally, the ping will appear next to the health bar of the pinging champion. If you see Danger's red exclamation mark pop up above a nearby champion's head, get ready to run! 

Why can't I ping anymore?!

If you spam ping too many times in a short period, you will temporarily lose your pring privileges, as indicated by a grayed out cooldown timer. Once the pings are restored to their normal colors, you'll be able to ping anew!

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