Cash Refunds

Change your mind about the Wild Cores you just purchased and looking to get a refund? Hey, we get it. These things happen!

Unfortunately, the nature of third-party app marketplaces means we can’t issue that refund ourselves. But there’s still hope! Both the App Store and the Google Play Store offer cash refunds for in-app purchases under certain conditions, and they’ve created guides on how to apply for them.

For Apple device purchases in the App Store, click here.
For Android device purchases in the Google Play Store, click here.

Please understand that should Apple or Google deny your refund, there is nothing more we can do.

Negative Balance

If you have already spent some of the Wild Cores you purchased but are still issued a refund, your account may go into the negative, which may prevent you from playing. If this happens to you, please submit a ticket below. 


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