Runes are special options that allow you to customize your gameplay in small-but-meaningful ways. Unlike the unique abilities tied to each champion, potential runes unlock for all players upon reaching certain account levels. There are no restrictions on which champions can use which runes, so experiment to discover which ones best suit your playstyle!

Once players reach account level 4, they will be able to choose four runes for each of their champions: one keystone, and three secondaries.

Keystone Runes


Of all the runes, keystones have the most potential to influence the way you, your teammates, AND your enemies play. Each one is custom-tailored to aid you in a crucial moment, and knowing the conditions of their activation can mean the difference between life and death. Every player only gets to select one keystone rune, so choose wisely!

The Key(stone) to Victory

All players’ keystone runes are displayed in the loading screen right before the game and can be viewed during the match by accessing the scoreboard. Knowledge is power!

Secondary Runes

While not as dramatic as keystone runes, secondaries still go a long way in complementing your champion’s playstyle. Most offer some small boosts to certain stats—adaptive damage, movespeed, cooldowns, and more. Gathering Storm, for example, simply increases your damage at regular intervals throughout the game. Others can alter the fundamental rules of the map. Select Sweet Tooth, and you’ll discover that Honeyfruit’s restorative properties now apply to your wallet. That’s one sweet deal!

Secondary Runes are divided into three unique paths, each with a strategic theme:



This path is all about dealing tons of damage. Which rune you pick is more about how that damage is dealt: should you help your team bring the pain to crowd-controlled enemies? Or would it be better to settle for a general, all-purpose boost? No matter what you pick, rest assured that your enemies will be feeling the hurt!



The one-stop shop for all your survival needs! This path offers improved health regeneration, bulked up armor/magic resistance, and other defensive augments. Because sometimes the best defense is an extra strong defense.



Just as the name implies, this path rewards players for specialized play under specific conditions. Some benefits will make you better-equipped to navigate Wild Rift itself, while others confer special advantages for landing abilities on enemy champions or grouping up with teammates. Pick with purpose to dazzle your foes with the glare of your fivehead!

So many runes… Which ones should I pick?

If you’re just beginning, we recommend trying one of the three premade loadouts that come with every champion. You can get an idea of how each loadout plays by its title, so pick one that sounds fun and jump into a game!

Looking to redefine the meta with some wild rune picks? Go for it! After all, nobody knows your playstyle better than you. Just think about what you’ll need to succeed in your matchup. Wish you had just a little more burst? Try Electrocute. Trying to get just a little more sustain for your tanky bruiser in the solo lane? See if Grasp of the Undying lives up to its name. There’s no wrong answer.

Why can’t I choose the rune I want?!

Runes may first become available at account level 4, but you won’t have access to all of them until you hit level 10. Just keep queuing up, and you’ll have access to the full rune list in no time!

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