Unauthorized Charge From Riot Games

You have an unauthorized charge from Riot Games or someone you know has made purchases from Riot Games without your knowledge or approval. This article walks you through how to report the transactions and initiate getting your money back directly from Riot.

If you have a Riot Account, log in and submit a ticket here instead. If you cannot access your Riot Account AND unauthorized purchases were made with your linked credit card, submit a ticket in Account Recovery instead so we can handle all aspects of your compromised account.

I do not have a Riot Account, and I don’t know who made these charges

You don’t play Riot’s video games (e.g., League of Legends, Wild Rift, VALORANT), and no one who’s authorized to use your payment info plays either. And yet, here you are with some charges from Riot Games. 

How to fix:

  • Submit the following form so we can refund any fraudulent purchases AND remove your payment info if it’s still connected to any Riot Accounts: 


Once we are able to confirm the above details in our billing system, we can quickly suspend the account that is using the debit or credit card (to prevent further charges) and refund all purchases made. The money will be returned to you within 3-5 business days.

Someone I know made these charges

Maybe you let someone in your household buy something with your payment info one time… but they’ve continued using it without your permission. 

  • To fix this situation, please submit the form above and we’ll try to reverse the unauthorized payments and remove your payment info from any accounts still using it.

Important: This will result in a chargeback ban on that person’s account. This means their account will be suspended until they repay the charges that were reversed. 



Do you get your money back for unauthorized charges?
Yes, we'll reverse the purchases made to Riot Games (the money will return to you in 3-5 business days) and we'll ban the offending account.

To dispute any other unauthorized charges that were not made to Riot Games, please report them to your financial institution.

When can I dispute an unauthorized purchase?
It might sound obvious, but the quicker the fraud is reported the quicker precautions can be taken to reverse the charges and to re-secure your card. Check your credit card statement at least once a month to ensure that you catch any unwanted charges before it's too late!
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