Hextech Crafting in Wild Rift

Hextech crafting is another way to pick up old/rare skins that you might've missed, along with new exclusive skins and chromas created just for Hextech! The system is self-contained, so the choice of whether or not to jump into crafting is entirely yours.

But if you do decide to top off your in-game wardrobe with some of our rarer offerings, go to the Loot section of the Store and grab yourself some...

Hextech Keys

Everything starts with Hextech Keys!

Hextech Keys cost 15 Wild Cores each, and you need 10 to open a chest

When you open a chest, you'll immediately get some of the content listed below (a skin/skin shard plus some Orange Gemstones). Additionally, you'll advance down the hextech milestone track, which divvies out rewards for just using hextech crafting!

There's just one rule: you can only open up to 200 chests per day

Hextech Chest Content

Hextech Chests contain both skin content (a skin OR or skin shards) AND Orange Gemstones, each with their own independent drop rates.

Skin/Skin Shards

Reward Drop Rate*
Skin 5.00%
Skin Shards 95.00%

*Drop rates for different skin/shards can be found in-game

Orange Gemstones

Reward Drop Rate
8 Orange Gemstones 70.0%
12 Orange Gemstones 17.0%
16 Orange Gemstones 8.0%
20 Orange Gemstones 4.90%
1,000 Orange Gemstones 0.10%

Now that you're familiar with the odds of getting these rewards, it's time to learn what they can do!

Skin Shards & Silver Stardust

Skin shards can be used in one of two ways:

1. Disenchant the skin shard into Silver Stardust

Get a skin shard for a champion you don't use? No sweat! Just break it down into Silver Stardust. In fact, rarer skins will get you more Silver Stardust, so special skins still have extra value if you disenchant them! Once you you've disenchanted enough skin shards , you can...

2. Spend Silver Stardust to turn a skin shard into a permanent skin

It takes Silver Stardust to forge a skin shard into a skin, which permanently adds it to your inventory like any other skin. How much Silver Stardust that transformation requires depends on the rarity of the skin: 

Skin Shard Silver Stardust to Forge Full Skin
Skin Shard 450
Epic Skin Shard 750
Legendary Skin Shard 1000

If you find yourself a little short on Silver Stardust, you can trade Orange Gemstones to get more at a rate of 1 Orange Gemstone per 10 Silver Stardust. Just know that you can only do this exchange 200 times per month!

Hextech Milestone Rewards

The only thing better than getting loot from every chest is getting rewards for the number of chests you've opened! 

# of Chests Opened Reward
5 10 Hextech Keys 
10  200 Silver Stardust
25 300 Silver Stardust
50  300 Silver Stardust
100  Epic Skin Shard Selection Chest
120  200 Silver Stardust
140  100 Silver Stardust
160  200 Silver Stardust 
180  100 Silver Stardust
200  Epic Skin Shard Selection Chest II

You'll have to drop into the Hextech screen to manually claim rewards from the milestone lists, but don't worry—if the track resets, rewards will automatically appear in your mail!

Once you hit 200, the track will stop progressing.

Orange Gemstones and the Orange Gemstone Shop

Orange Gemstones (which you'll get each time you open a Hextech Chest!) can be redeemed in the Orange Gemstone Shop to get exclusive skins, special accessories for said skins and mythic chromas

The Orange Gemstone Shop features a rotating list of exclusive skins with new skins added each patch cycle. The content of the shop are ever-changing, be sure to keep an eye on its latest offerings to scoop up the skins you want when they're available!

As mentioned before, Orange Gemstones can also be exchanged for Silver Stardust at a rate of 1 Orange Gemstone for 10 Silver Stardust.

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