Nemesis Duel

FNC vs G2. Tupac vs Biggie. Teemo vs the world. Some showdowns are just meant to be. But how do you settle a personal vendetta in a 5v5 arena?

By besting your arch enemy in a Nemesis Duel, of course!


What's Nemesis Duel?

Nemesis Duel is a special mechanic that sometimes activates when two champions with long-standing grudges face each other in Wild Rift. It's an opportunity for players to earn a substantial in-game bonus by settling the out-of-game score, so get ready for the fight of your life!

Who can get into a Nemesis Duel?

Currently, only Rengar and Kha'Zix can engage in a Nemesis Duel. As for what other champions may one day take their rivalry to Wild Rift, you'll just have to wait for the sands of time to reveal the answer!

How does it start?

Just having the two related champions on opposite teams in a game does not guarantee a Nemesis Duel will occur. We want this feature to remain a fun surprise rather than a routine occurrence, so here are other factors to consider when you're on the prowl for a lethal confrontation:

  • Both champions are alive and fairly high level
  • Neither have taken or dealt damage for a short time
  • The two champions are at least a short distance apart

Once all the requirements are achieved, lucky players will see an in-game display informing them that the hunt is on!

How does it end?

Victory goes to whichever champion deals damage to the other within three seconds of the defeated champion's death. You don't need to score the kill, but you must have directly contributed!

I won! What do I get?

That depends on the champion!

If Rengar proves he's king of the jungle, he'll automatically gain Ferocity during his ultimate—Thrill of the Hunt.

If Kha'Zix emerges as the apex predator, he unlocks an extra evolution point.

The Nemesis Duel bonus lasts until the end of the game, so make this climactic battle count!

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