Wild Pass

Blue Motes, account XP, champion mastery… Win or lose, you're going to get something out of every game of League of Legends: Wild Rift. So why not get even more with Wild Pass?

Current Wild Pass Dates

Start - April 2nd, 2021 / 18:00 UTC
End - July 1st, 2021 / 23:59 UTC

Each Wild Pass lasts for a predefined period that you can check here or in-game. Late to the party? Don't sweat it! Lots of the Pass's rewards can be earned even late into its lifespan, or you can simply wait for the next one!

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. The real question is...

What's Wild Pass?

Simply put, Wild Pass is an opportunity for players to earn extra content by playing games. Wild Passes have their own leveling tracks and rewards, which include content like currencies, baubles, and even an exclusive skin!


Whenever a new Wild Pass begins, all players automatically start earning XP towards unlocking their rewards. You don't have to lift a finger!

What's included in a Wild Pass?

A whole lot!

But let's start with the basics. You'll level up your Wild Pass by earning Wild Pass XP, which you can do in a few different ways. Like by taking on...

Wild Pass Missions

Wild Pass grants all players 8 Wild Pass missions every week on Monday at midnight UTC for 10 weeks, or until the Pass expires. These missions feature a huge variety of objectives, which can be as simple as placing wards or as challenging as scoring double or triple kills. But don't give up on the hard ones! If you complete all 8 missions from a given week, you'll earn a special bonus mission!

And don't worry—just because missions are divvied out every week doesn't mean you have to complete them that fast. Weekly missions remain in your queue until you either A) complete them, or B) accrue 3 weeks worth of weekly missions, at which point you'll have to finish off one of your current weeks to unlock a new one.

Complete all your missions and still looking to earn some extra Wild Pass XP? Well, look no further than your First Win of the Day and challenge missions! These recurring missions award you Wild Pass XP in addition to their other benefits, so check in from time to time to see which objectives you can check off your list to power through your Pass.

Not sure what these missions are or where to find them? We got you covered!

Earn enough Wild Pass XP through these missions, and you'll level up! Level up, and you'll start to earn...

Free Rewards

Every player gets free rewards at Wild Pass level 4 and every 5 levels after (9, 14, 19, etc) up to level 49. You'll generally unlock at least a few of these prizes just by playing a few games each week, so don't forget to check on your Wild Pass every now and then to claim the fruits of your labor!

Now, you might be wondering: every 5 levels? What about the other Wild Pass levels? How do I go about claiming the other rewards on the track? Which brings us to...

Premium Rewards

For just 590 Wild Cores, you'll get access to all 50 levels of the Wild Pass's earnable content! That includes Wild Pass rewards you unlocked previously, so there's never a wrong time to upgrade.

But that's not all! Purchasing a Wild Pass will also unlock 15 bonus levels after level 50, giving hardcore players even more content for their Cores!

Frankly, that's a whole lot of levels. While some players will have no trouble filling out their Wild Pass, we understand that some players simply don't have the time. If only there were a way to skip a few levels and earn even more Wild Pass XP, like...

Wild Pass Elite

Wild Pass Elite is the answer for players looking to shoot through their Wild Pass as fast as possible. It includes all the perks of the Standard Wild Pass, along with a few special features to help you progress through your pass with Rammus-like speed—like by instantly completing levels!

Gain 5 Levels

That's right! You'll instantly gain 5 Wild Pass levels upon purchasing Wild Pass Elite, hastening your trip to the top and granting you all the rewards of the levels you skipped at the same time.

There is, however, one small caveat: these 5 free levels will not apply past level 50. We want unlocking those last 15 bonus levels to feel like a real accomplishment, so you'll still have to put in some legwork.

But that's not to say you'll have to unlock all those levels without any help! Because Wild Pass Elite also comes with...

Elite Missions

Players who purchase the Premium Wild Pass unlock a special set of elite missions that feature multi-tiered objectives.

These include simple goals like placing wards, scoring takedowns, and earning gold. Complete an objective to earn a bunch of Wild Pass XP and unlock the following milestone, which will challenge you to accomplish more of the same feat for additional Wild Pass XP.

First Win of the Day, challenge missions, weekly missions, and now elite missions?! You'll max out your pass in no time!

Can I purchase individual Wild Pass levels?


Whether you're trying to snap up key content before your Pass expires or just can't wait to get the next reward, you can pay 150 Wild Cores per level to increase your Wild Pass right up until you hit level 50. Like we said before, those final 15 bonus rewards must be earned, but everything else is fair game!

How long do I have to claim my Wild Pass rewards?

Each Wild Pass lasts for a limited amount of time. Once the Pass expires, its rewards go with it! That's why we recommend visiting your Wild Pass page whenever you can to snap up all the goodies you've earned. We've even included a Claim All button to speed up the process!

I grabbed a Wild Pass, but I don't have the time to unlock everything. Can I get a refund?

Since they offer incremental rewards that are intricately tied to your account activity, both Wild Passes and individual Wild Pass levels cannot be refunded.

We've designed the Wild Pass to provide tons of value to all kinds of players. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a Rift regular, there's plenty of great content you can unlock at your own pace.

That being said, Wild Pass is still a new feature, and we'll be making adjustments to subsequent iterations to improve its value and your experience. It's only with your help that we can unlock its full potential, so please don't hesitate to send feedback and suggestions!

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