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In League of Legends: Wild Rift, each position attracts a certain kind of player. Duo laners just want to make friends, mid loves being at the center of it all, jungle's there to hang out with their menagerie of monsters, and the solo laner?

We don't talk about the solo laner.

Whatever your preference, one thing holds true: we want you to be where you want to be! That's why we've created a whole new position-placement system for Wild Rift.

Limited Regional Release and Testing

Before we get started, a few quick notes!

First, the initial release of the preferred position system will be limited to the Europe and Asia servers. Since the Americas server just launched, our focus there is ensuring the standard systems are all working as intended before expanding to newer features. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Second, the first two weeks of the preferred position will be limited to a special experimental queue. You can enter this queue once a day for 150 Blue Motes, but be forewarned that you will not progress on any other events while in the Positions Lab queue! We know this isn't ideal, but between the 150 Blue Motes you'll receive for each game and the groundwork you'll help lay for a successful position-picking system in the future, we hope you'll agree that this is a pretty fair trade off.

To learn more about the Position Lab, click here!

For more on the preferred position system in general, read on!

How It Works

When you first hit the Play button, you'll automatically be prompted to choose your preferred positions. All you have to do is arrange the five options in the order of your preference from most to least desired. Your choices will then be saved and loaded by default in subsequent games!

Not sure what each position entails? Check out this handy guide to see which position speaks to you:

The Positions

Solo / Baron Lane

Tough and independent fighters, the solo lane is best utilized by champions capable of taking care of themselves. Players who choose this lane enter a perpetual tug-of-war, with each side pushing turrets to apply and soak pressure.


Powerful mages and other combatants make the mid lane their home. Mid can gank others or quickly help with objectives. Just be careful! Your central location makes this position an open invitation for ganks.

Duo / Dragon Lane

Marksmen who focus on killing minions often occupy the duo position. The champions who excel here typically need lots of items to unlock their full potential, which is why they rely on the help of their support partner to get to the late game.


Enabling allies and disabling enemies, the support role assists the duo in the duo lane. Good supports threaten the enemy while protecting or healing their ally, who focuses instead on last-hitting minions and dishing out damage.


Elusive and adaptable, the jungle role is vital to a team’s success. Junglers need to quickly slay jungle monsters while staying healthy for ganks, making the position ideal for champions with high damage and/or heal-heavy kits.

If you're still not sure which positions are right for you, you can also...

Choose Based on Champions

Many champions can thrive in a variety of lanes, but most of them have been designed with one or two positions in mind. That's why we've included possible champions for each position based on your playstyle and the current meta. These suggestions should give you a better idea of who you might play as or against should you end up in that lane!

Changing Your Preferred Positions

Maybe you want to give priority to somebody else in your pre-made party, or perhaps you're just looking for a change of pace. Whatever the reason, changing your preferred positions is simple!

If you're in the lobby, tap your preferred position icon before queuing up, then make adjustments as needed.

If you'd rather make changes from the main screen, tap the position icon on your banner.

What if I don't want to play a certain position at all?

Then put it last on your list!

We understand that some players would rather not end up in certain lanes, and that's exactly why we developed this system. Factoring in the full spectrum of your choices actually makes you less likely to get auto-filled in your lowest-ranked option. We can't guarantee it'll never happen, but it should happen a whole lot less!

What if other players in my party have the same preferences?

No problem! You'll still be able to queue, just be forewarned that each position can only fit one player. Some of you will end up in your off-choices!

I can't choose my positions!

Don't worry! This just means the preferred positions are coming to your server soon!

Preferred positions are a brand new system, so we're introducing them to some locations before others to allow for thorough testing. If you aren't able to indicate your desired lanes, then the preferred position system has not yet come to your area.

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