Purchasing Wild Rift Content on the Web

Purchasing content in-game can be a bit of a chore. You start the app, navigate to the store, find the item you want… Hm? Not enough Wild Cores? Well, just go to the Wild Cores section, choose how many you'd like to purchase, go BACK to the item…

No doubt that slick new skin will be worth the effort, but there's gotta be a better way.

And now there is!

This new feature makes it easier than ever to get the League of Legends: Wild Rift content you want, whenever and wherever you want it. Simply put, it allows you to directly purchase items for your Wild Rift account without even booting up the game.

Sounds awesome! How do I use it?

The first thing you need to know is that it's not a traditional browsable store. It works like this:

  1. Find the promotional link for a specific product. Maybe it's part of the Facebook announcement for a new skin line, or perhaps it appears in a promotional campaign for a hotly anticipated esports match. Either way, that link is now the shortest path between you and the item you want!
  2. Follow that link. Tap or click your way straight to the item of your dreams!
  3. Press BUY. The price will be listed in both Wild Cores and your local currency, so you'll know exactly how much you're spending. And don't worry about duplicate purchases! We'll stop you if you're trying to buy an item you already own.
    • MAKE SURE YOU'RE LOGGED INTO THE CORRECT ACCOUNT! You will be prompted to enter your login information at this step if you're not already logged in, but confirm you're using the right account either way to make sure the item goes where you want it to go.
  4. Enter your preferred method of payment. Note that you'll be purchasing the exact number of needed Wild Cores for the item, and also that your current Core balance will not be taken into account. We're looking to add this feature soon, but until then, we ask that you use the in-game shop if you want to spend Wild Cores you've already purchased.
  5. That's all! Once your purchase is complete, you'll get a success screen, an email containing your receipt, and—most importantly—the item itself!

There you have it! Next time you see a skin you want accompanied by a link, know that you can buy with confidence!

Where is this feature currently available?

Players in the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia can take advantage of these direct links. And if you live somewhere else? Stay tuned! We're hoping to support more locations soon.

What payment options are supported?

In addition to all the major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay), you'll also be able to use a variety of popular local payment methods. Just follow one of our links to see your options.

How do these prices compare to the in-game store?

Our goal is to provide a consistent experience to all players, regardless of your preferred method of acquiring content. That's why the prices of the items available through these links will mirror the in-game store's offerings as closely as possible. That being said, removing the need to first purchase Wild Cores may create very slight differences—but the final result should be consistent with what you've come to expect.

Help! The item I purchased isn't in my account!

Once you've finalized your purchase, the content should be added to your account within a few minutes. If the item doesn't appear in your inventory within 1 hour, submit a ticket with your order number, and we'll do what we can to set things right.

What if I want a refund?

We can refund the Wild Cores used to purchase an item if all the following conditions are met:

  1. The purchased content has not been used
  2. Fewer than 14 days have passed since you purchased the item
  3. You have not transferred servers since purchasing the item

If your purchase qualifies, just send us a ticket to get the refund process started, and we'll make sure those Wild Cores are returned to your account.

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