Wild Rift - Chroma Crash


Every moment in League of Legends: Wild Rift is a chance to express yourself, whether with an incredible juke, a slick skill-shot, or an emote timed juuust so. But if you really want to make your mark, then grab your spray cans and queue up, because the Chroma Crash skinline is here to tag up Wild Rift!


Start - December 8, 2022 // 00:00 UTC
End - December 21 2022 // 23:59 UTC*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.


You don't need objectives to stunt across Wild Rift in the colorful, kinetic Chroma Crash skins, but a few easy rewards won't cramp your style!

Repeatable Missions

Each of these missions can be completed once per day and refresh at 00:00 UTC. Your progress will be recorded across all missions simultaneously, so a particularly stellar game might even complete them all in one go!

Mission Objective(s) Reward
Tag Session Play a match 2 XP
Work of Art As a team, get 50 kills 1 XP
Keep A Lookout Place or destroy 10 wards
Play 2 ARAM matches
1 XP
Paint The Town Play a match where there is at least 1 Chroma Crash skin on the team 1 XP

These missions can be completed in any matchmade game, including normal PVP, ARAM, Ranked, and other special game modes. They cannot be completed in Training, custom games, or 1v1 Duels.

One-Time Mission

Once you've refined your style, consider painting Wild Rift red purple and green by winning a match where three members of your team are using Chroma Crash skins. Manage that, and you'll be able to flex your rep with this exclusive Poro Paint Party Icon!


Just like the previous missions, this can be done in any matchmade game mode.


After you're done making Wild Rift your canvas, grab a few rewards and admire your handiwork!

XP Required Reward
4 chromacrash-ekko-icon-wild-rift.png
Chroma Crash Ekko
8 30 Poro Coins
12 fumin-bauble-wild-rift.png
16 70 Poro Coins
20 Skin Pose Selection Chest*
24 100 Poro Coins

*Choose from one of the following champion poses:

  • Chroma Crash Ekko Pose
  • Chroma Crash Samira Pose
  • Chroma Crash Jinx Pose
  • Ekko Pose
  • Samira Pose
  • Jinx Pose
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