Wild Rift - Supreme Cells


Join Sett, Kennen, and Zed as they harness the mystical power of the Supreme Cells skins in the League of Legends: Wild Rift's Supreme Cells event!


Let the tournament begin!

Start - November 1, 2022 // 00:00 UTC
Missions End - November 14, 2022 // 23:59 UTC
Last Day to Claim Rewards - November 16, 2022 // 23:59 UTC*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

How It Works

Prestige. Glory. POWER. Supreme Cells promises all this and more.
But only to those strong enough to seize it!

Pick Your Champion

To get started, you'll have to pick from any of Supreme Cells' debut champions: Kennen, Zed, or Sett.

Don't overthink this one—your pick here is purely cosmetic, and each champ levels the same way and has access to the same set of missions and rewards. Go with your gut!

Demolish the Decoy


Once your champion is locked in, he'll automatically start throwing punches at a curiously costumed decoy. And then some more punches. AND THEN MORE.

Basically, your champ will keep striking at a set rate even when you're not playing the game, racking up damage and helping you progress towards some sweet, sweet rewards.

Looking to speed up the process? Then go to the Event page and activate your Ultimate! This devastating attack does a ton of damage, and while it may only be available once per day, you can increase that damage through Meditation (see below) like a true martial arts master.

Finally, you'll have the opportunity to inflict even more hurt by playing up to three games every day via the Combat mission.

Be sure to utilize the damage from both your Ultimate and the Combat missions whenever you can, as they both refresh daily at 00:00 UTC.

But even these methods will only get you so far. To win the Supreme Cells tournament, you must increase your damage. And to do that, you'll have to…


There are two ways to increase your champion's overall power, and you'll need both of them to emerge victorious!

Level Up

First, you can level up your champion by earning Champion XP through the Missions listed below. Each level will improve your attack damage and Stamina generation, but with a level cap of 15, you'll also want to…


Your champ is constantly generating Stamina, which you can supplement with a chunky daily bonus just for logging in (both of which increase when you level up Running). You can then spend your Stamina to undergo any of the following exercises to boost the corresponding stat:

Exercise (Availability) Stat Increase
(after lvl 1)
Running (Unlocked!) Stamina Generation,
Daily Login Stamina
Pushups (Unlocked!) Damage per attack
Situps (Champ Lv 2) Critical Strike Chance,
Critical Damage
Squats (Champ Lv 3) Attack Speed
Pullups (Champ Lv 4) Bonus Damage per Combat mission match
(max 3x/day)
Meditation (Champ Lv 5) Ultimate Damage

Exercises cost more Stamina as they increase in level, so a balanced workout regimen is key to success. Keep up your training, and you'll be inflicting TONS OF DAMAGE™.



Though your true mission may be to win the Supreme Cells tournament, the missions below are necessary steps on your path to glory!

Mission Track

Two missions unlock daily for the first ten days of the event, each of which can be completed for 10 Champion XP and 90 Blue Motes! You'll only be able to progress through one mission at a time, so keep an eye on your current objective when you queue up for maximum gains!

Mission Objectives
Warming Up (1) Get 40 takedowns
Play 3 matches
One Versus Many (1) As a team, kill 700 minions
Play 3 matches
Prize Money (2) Earn 35,000 gold
Play 3 matches
Battle Tested (2) Win a Normal PVP or Ranked match
Play 3 matches
The Eyes Never Lie (3) Play a match as or with Circuit Cell Kennen
Play 3 matches
Bring The Pain (3) Deal 40,000 damage to enemy champions
Play 3 matches
First To Fall (4) As a team, destroy the first turret
Play 3 matches
Worthy Foes (4) Get 5 unique takedowns in a single match
Play 3 matches
Five Point Palm (5) As a team, get 60 kills
Play 3 matches
Lights Out (5) Place or destroy 15 wards
Play 3 matches
Undisputed (6) Play a match as or with Dynamo Cell Sett
Play 3 matches
Dragon Punch (6) As a team, defeat 4 dragons
Play 3 matches
Frantic Skirmish (7) Win an ARAM match
Play 3 matches
Crushing Blow (7) Assist in destroying 6 turrets
Play 3 matches
Face The Beast (8) As a team, defeat Baron Nashor
Play 3 matches
Trophy Case (8) Earn a total of 5 medals at end of game
Play 3 matches
Unseen Blade (9) Play a match as or with Syphon Cell Zed
Play 3 matches
Attack First (9) Get first blood
Play 3 matches
Black Belt (10) Get an A or S rank
Play 3 matches
Champion of the Arena (10) Get MVP
Play 3 matches

Daily Missions

While the missions above will earn you Champion XP and Blue Motes, daily missions are a great way to supplement your Stamina and damage. And don't sweat it if you miss a day or two—they refresh daily at 00:00 UTC!

Mission Objectives Reward
Daily Training Log in to Wild Rift 1,000 Stamina (Level up Running to get more!)
Combat Play a match
(3x Daily)
Deal damage based on Pullup stat


Punch the dummy enough, and prizes will start to pop out. Who needs a piñata?!

Total Damage Required Reward
1,000,000 supreme-clash-icon.webp
Supreme Clash Icon
3,000,000 500 Poro Energy
8,000,000 dynamooo-bauble.webp
Dynamooo Bauble
15,000,000 500 Poro Energy
25,000,000 500 Poro Energy
35,000,000 Skin Pose Selection Chest*
45,000,000 500 Poro Energy
60,000,000 balanced-back-out-recall.webp
Balanced Back-Out Recall
75,000,000 500 Poro Energy
90,000,000 loyalty-and-conviction-icon-border.webp
Loyalty & Conviction Icon Border
120,000,000 200 Poro Energy
150,000,000 200 Poro Energy
180,000,000 200 Poro Energy
215,000,000 200 Poro Energy
250,000,000 200 Poro Energy

*Choose from one of the following Skin Poses:

  • Syphon Cell Zed Pose
  • Circuit Cell Kennen Pose
  • Dynamo Cell Sett Pose
  • Zed Pose
  • Kennen Pose
  • Sett Pose
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