Wild Rift - Protectors of Ionia

Following Noxus' brutal attack on the First Lands, two children of Ionia have rushed in to help restore balance. Join Karma and Shen as these Protectors of Ionia bring harmony to Wild Rift!



Event Start - March 24, 2022 // 00:00 UTC
Event End - April 13, 2022 // 23:59 UTC
Token Shop Closes - April 20, 2022 // 23:59 UTC

As noted above, the Token Shop will stay open for a week after the event ends. If you're too busy protecting Ionia to grab your rewards during the event, don't forget to drop in once the danger has passed.


Secure Ionia's future (along with a healthy bounty of Tokens) by completing the missions below.

You'll only be able to make progress on one mission at a time, and you'll have to complete each mission in order to unlock the next one.

Mission Objective Reward
A New Path Visit the event page 10 Tokens
Stand United Play a game with a premade party
Play 3 games
50 Tokens
Prove Yourself Get 35 takedowns 50 Tokens
Live in Prosperity Earn 40,000 gold 50 Tokens
Pacify the Drakes As a team, kill 5 dragons
Play 5 games
80 Tokens
Will of Ionia Win a game while playing as or with an Ionian champion
Play 3 games
50 Tokens
Wisdom Place or destroy 20 wards
Play 4 games
50 Tokens
Triumphant As a team, get 100 kills 50 Tokens
Swift Victory Win a normal PVP or ranked game in under 15 minutes
Play 5 games
80 Tokens
Act with Conviction Deal 50,000 damage to enemy champions
Play 2 games as a support champion
50 Tokens
Equilibrium Win 3 games 80 Tokens
Turn the Tides As a team, summon the Rift Herald 2 times in a single game
Play 4 games
50 Tokens
Press Forward Deal 2,000 damage to enemy turrets
Play 3 games
50 Tokens
With Honor Win a game while playing as Karma or Shen
Play 4 games
50 Tokens
Together as one Win a game while playing with a close friend or guild mate
Play 5 games
80 Tokens
Beneath the Tides As a team, kill 15 Rift Scuttlers
Play 3 games
50 Tokens
Balanced Get a triple kill
Play 5 games
80 Tokens
Superior Judgement As a team, defeat the Elder Dragon and win the game
Play 5 games
80 Tokens
Ancient Foe As a team, defeat Baron Nashor 2 times
Play 5 games
80 Tokens
Never Falter As a team, ace the enemy team 2 times
Play 5 games
80 Tokens
The First Lands Complete 20 "Protectors of Ionia" missions ionian-balance-icon-border.png
Ionian Balance
Icon Border

Bonus Mission

If you're among Ionia's most fervent protectors and manage to complete all the above missions, never fear—you'll unlock a special repeatable bonus mission to continue your defense of the sprawling Ionian archipelago!

Objective Reward
Earn 12 points:
  • 3 points per Ranked or Normal PVP match
  • 2 Points per Normal ARAM or Co-op vs AI match
35 Tokens

Points carry over between games, so if you have 11 points and complete a Ranked or Normal PVP match, your repeatable mission will refresh with 2 points already accounted for. Additionally, this mission can only be completed a maximum of 33 times. If you're among the dedicated few to achieve this feat, CONGRATULATIONS! Your name will go down in Ionian history as one of her most stalwart defenders!

Token Shop

Once you've ensured the safety of the First Lands, be sure to drop into the Token Shop to get your just rewards. You'll even have a whole week after the event ends to spend your Tokens!

Item Token Cost Stock
Limited Peaceful Balance Icon
1,000 Poro Energy
850 1
Ionian Spirit
75 1
Protectors of Ionia Icon Selection Chest
(Unlock a chosen icon from previous events)
  • The Dreamer
  • The Queen
  • The Diva
  • The Dancer
  • The Rebel
  • You're a Star
  • It's Teemo!
  • Noxian Might
  • Scorn of the Moon
  • Radiant Dawn
  • The Unbreakable Spear
  • Star of the Stage
  • Stargazer Endeavor
  • The Voidreaver
  • The Pridestalker
  • Sun's Out Guns Out
  • Maidens of the Blade
  • Light in the Dark
  • Mini-Boss
  • Branded
  • Yeti of the Tales
  • Protection of the Fae
  • Courage of the Lagoon
  • Will of the Eternal
  • Poise of the Zephyr
  • Tenacity of the Storm
  • Unraveling The Mystery
  • Malicious but Mini
  • Rise Against Ruin
  • Welcome Welcome!
150 2
Perfection Emote
200 1
You're So Dead Emote
200 1
Protectors of Ionia Emote Selection Chest
(Unlock a chosen emote from previous events)
  • Sigh
  • Just Peachy
  • Axes to the Grind
  • Ouch!
  • Pretty Pleaaaase?
  • Love on the Way
  • Pengu Party
  • Stargazer Pengu
  • Adorable Assailant
  • My Hero!
  • Looking Good, Feeling Good
  • All According To Plan
  • Victory Secured!
  • *Snrk!*
  • Magnifique!
  • Proud Of Myself
  • Wakey Wakey!
  • Smiling Through the Pain
  • O Hai!
  • Evil Genius, Unmatched
400 2
Infla-Shen Bauble
200 1
Protectors of Ionia Bauble Selection Chest
(Unlock a chosen bauble from previous events)
  • Mic Drop
  • Bandlewood Acorn
  • Beacon of the Bull
  • Sweet Retreat
  • Trophy Collection
  • Void Wing
  • Sharp And Deadly
  • You've Been Exiled
  • For Fetter Or Worse
  • Fighting The Good Fight
  • Flying Off The Handle
  • Dumpster Fire
  • I'm Just Warming Up
  • Shiny Scaled Egg
  • Glazed Look
400 2
400 1
400 1
Karma Pose 300 1
Warden Karma Pose  300 1
Shen Pose 300 1
Blood Moon Shen Pose 300 1
Team Boost 5 Unlimited
Blue Motes Boost 25 Unlimited
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