Wild Rift Academy/Journey (RETIRED)

Wild Rift Academy and Wild Rift Journey may have been retired in October and December of 2021, but don't worry—their spirits (and many of their goodies!) live on in the new Welcome! event!

Why were Wild Rift Academy and Wild Rift Journey retired?

Whether by implementing small quality-of-life tweaks or launching gigantic new features like Guilds, we're always looking to provide you with the best possible experience.

That also applies to how we welcome new players! While fresh recruits were learning the ropes from Academy and Journey, we were taking notes on how your first few weeks could be improved. We eventually made the decision to consolidate your Wild Rift initiation into a single introductory extravaganza that encapsulates all of our learnings, demonstrates what events are all about, and works in concert with other in-game rookie rewards—in other words, we set out to make Welcome!

With the new event up and running, it was simply time to bid its predecessors adieu.

I still have the Wild Rift Academy/Journey Event!

That just means you had already started Wild Rift Academy or Wild Rift Journey before the Welcome! event went live! The support page may be gone, but the event should work without a hitch, so just follow the in-client instructions to earn your rewards!

Can I join the Welcome! event if I already finished Wild Rift Academy or Journey?

Players who experienced Wild Rift Academy/Journey won't be able to participate in the Welcome! event, and vice versa.

These kinds of events are meant to help new players get their footing and fill their collections by completing simple missions focused on the fundamentals. Because of that, veteran players who have already completed one of these events wouldn't find a lot of new loot or lessons from our newest iterations.

If you're looking for new objectives to add some flavor to your Wild Rift experience, just check out the latest event!

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