Cosmic Event

The stars have aligned for the League of Legends: Wild Rift Cosmic Event!
Two skins of astronomical beauty are yours to win among a slew of other prizes, so log on and see what the universe has to offer!

Southeast Asia Only!

The Cosmic event is only running on the SEA shard. If you live elsewhere, never fear—more events are coming soon!


Play an interstellar game of chance over the following dates:

Start - May 26, 2022 // 00:00 UTC
End - June 8, 2022 // 23:59 UTC
Cosmic Token Store Closes - June 12, 2022 // 23:59 UTC

Cosmic Overview

Just like the infinite, sprawling universe, there are a lot of moving parts to this event. But unlike the universe, they can be summarized in a few quick notes:

  1. Earn Cosmic Tickets** by completing missions or by purchasing Cosmic Event Rift Emblem Bundles.
  2. Use Cosmic Tickets for a chance to win a variety of prizes, like Cosmic skins for Lulu and Master Yi.
  3. Additionally, get 1 Cosmic Token** for each Ticket used.
  4. Spend Cosmic Tokens to select rewards from the Cosmic Token Store (which contains all the event-exclusive rewards that can be won with Cosmic Tickets).

For more details on your Cosmic journey (including all of the out-of-this-world prizes you stand to win), read on!

How to Get Cosmic Tickets

If you're going to hop on the astral train destined for this mystical adventure, you're going to need Cosmic Tickets. Thankfully, there are two ways to get them:

Cosmic Ticket Missions

Earning your shot at Cosmic glory can be as simple as playing games and logging on!

Mission Cosmic Tickets Rewarded
Play 3 matches (Daily, 7 days max) 1
Log into the game 1
Log into the game for 3 days 1
Log into the game for 7 days 1
Purchase your first Cosmic Event Rift Emblem Bundle 1

With the exception of "Play 3 matches," the above missions can only be completed one time each. Even so, that means you stand to earn a total of 10 Cosmic Tickets just by playing!

Cosmic Event Rift Emblem Bundle

If the odds aren't in your favor, perhaps it's time to bend the whims of the universe by purchasing some Cosmic Event Rift Emblem Bundles.

Each Cosmic Event Rift Emblem Bundle costs 90 Wild Cores, and contains the following:

  • 1 Cosmic Ticket (+1 extra Cosmic Ticket for the very first purchase)
  • Luck of the Bull Rift Emblem (Temporary; +7 days of use for each purchase)

There are 75 Bundles available in total, which translates up to 525 days of using the Luck of the Bull Rift Emblem in addition to receiving a maximum of 76 Cosmic Tickets (including the free one for your first purchase).

How to Redeem Cosmic Tickets

Once you have a Cosmic Ticket in hand, simply go to the event page and hit the Roll button. If you have LOTS of Cosmic Tickets, try the 5 Rolls button to expedite the process! For each Ticket you spend, you'll have a chance at winning the following prizes:

Item Stock Probability*
Cosmic Blade Master Yi 1 0.01%
Cosmic Enchantress Lulu 1 0.02%
Cosmic Return
1 0.05%
No, Thanks Emote
1 0.15%
Oh, Come On!
1 0.15%
Poro Energy x100 Unlimited 63.62%
Poro Energy x125 10 20.00%
Poro Energy x175 5 10.00%
Poro Energy x200 2 4.00%
Poro Energy x300 1 2.00%

*Listed probabilities are dynamic and naturally shift to favor unclaimed items once the entire stock of an item is depleted. For a current representation of your odds, tap the following icon on the event page:odds-icon.png

If you end up with one of the more common items, don't worry—a random prize isn't your only reward. Whenever you redeem a Cosmic Ticket, you will also receive a Cosmic Token!

Cosmic Token Store

If the random workings of the universe don't see fit to give you the prize you want, don't worry—just grab it with your Cosmic Tokens!

Item Cosmic Token Cost
Cosmic Blade Master Yi 30
Cosmic Enchantress Lulu 15
Cosmic Return Recall
Cosmic Blade Master Yi Skin Border***
Cosmic Enchantress Lulu Skin Border***
Cosmic Blade Master Yi Pose*** 4
Cosmic Enchantress Lulu Pose*** 4
No, Thanks Emote
Oh, Come On!
Poro Energy x10 1

***You must own the related skin to purchase a skin border or pose

You'll have 4 days after the end of the event to spend your Tokens, after which they'll be lost forever. Don't forget to use them!


Why isn't this event available in my region?

Wild Rift's global presence allows us to customize event locations to celebrate local moments or address regional needs, and we've decided to focus on Asia for the Cosmic Event.

Of course, the vast majority of events will continue to serve as many players as possible, so think of these situations as exceptions that prove the rule. 

Will there be another way to get these skins?


Seriously, it's hard to say. We want to make these skins special for the players who unlock them, so while we'll consider bringing them back at some later time, both the "if" and "when" are totally unknown. What we can say is that if you're interested in showing off your Cosmic allegiance, you should grab 'em while you can!

Have more questions?

Your answers await in our Cosmic Event devblog!

**Cosmic Tickets and Cosmic Tokens are virtual content which cannot be transferred or redeemed for any type of "real world" money or goods.

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