Wild Rift - High Noon 2022

Slap on some spurs and oil up the ol' six shooter, pardner—it's High Noon in League of Legends: Wild Rift!


Some of Runeterra's most infamous outlaws and respectable sheriffs are saddling up for a mobile shoot-out, so gather yer posse and ride out!


Mosey on up during the following dates for a rootin', tootin' time!

Start - May 19, 2022 // 00:00 UTC
End - May 29, 2022 // 23:59 UTC*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.


We reckon you got the grit to make short work of these daily missions. And never you worry if you miss 'em on account of a lil' siesta or two—they reset every day at midnight UTC, so you'll always get another shot as long as the event's live!

Mission Objective Reward
Duel Play 1 match 3 XP
Showdown As a team, get first blood 1 XP
Quick Draw As a team, get first tower 1 XP
High Noon Play a match as, with, or against a High Noon skin
(Includes High Noon Senna, High Noon Lucian, High Noon Ashe, High Noon Irelia, High Noon Thresh)
1 XP


Got yer XP bounty?! Yeeee haw! Celebrate by pickin' up some hard-earned rewards! Just be sure to get 'em while the gettin's good—once the event is over, all unclaimed rewards will be lost forever.

XP Required Reward
4 porodeo-roundup-icon.png
Porodeo Roundup
8 25 Poro Coins
12 lets-dance-emote.png
Let's Dance
16 25 Poro Coins
20 High Noon Pose Selection Chest (Choose one of the following)
  • High Noon Ashe Pose
  • High Noon Irelia Pose
  • High Noon Thresh Pose
  • Ashe Pose
  • Irelia Pose
  • Thresh Pose
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