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With the introduction of League of Legends: Wild Rift's new Ranked Reward Track, we're giving you the ability to customize your Ranked bounty with the Ranked Store!

What is the Ranked Store?

When it comes to in-game loot, everybody has their favorites. Some live to strut down their lane in the latest skin, while others want nothing more than a new emote to quickly communicate their innermost thoughts to friends and foes alike. But whatever your preference, everybody had to be content to earn the same loot on the same track...until now.

With the new Ranked Store, you can now use the spoils of your Ranked climb to choose your own prizes! 

The Ranked Store will unlock once you've finished your placement matches. Once you've found your starting spot on the ladder, you'll be able to find the Ranked Store tab on the bottom of the Ranked Rewards screen. Of course, you won't be able to buy anything until you earn some…

Ranked Coins

Ranked Coins are among the many rewards you can earn by progressing through the Ranked Reward Track. But there's another way you can fill your Ranked Coin coffers:

Climb the Ranks

You'll earn a bunch of Ranked Coins for every division you climb from Silver IV and up, with higher tiers yielding more Coins. Better yet, you'll get bonus Coins when you reach a new tier for the first time ever, so always strive to outdo yourself!

Since the Ranked Reward Track doesn't unlock until you've finished your placement matches, note that you'll only be rewarded after you've locked in your starting rank for the season. You also won't get Ranked Coins for re-attaining divisions or tiers you had hit earlier in a season should you fall in rank.

Skipping Divisions

If you end up playing so well that you jump a division when you promote, you'll still earn Ranked Coins for each skipped division as if you'd played through them normally. All the same rules apply!

Ranked Coins stay with you from season to season, enabling you to save up for the Ranked Store's top shelf items. The previous offerings of the Ranked Store also roll over between seasons, so if you're just a little short for an item at the end of one season, wait and buy it later!

Ranked Store Content

The Ranked Store has all kinds of goodies! A special emote you can use to flex your current rank, an exclusive pose for the current season's Glorious skin, essentials like Champion Selection Chests and Team Boosts… The list goes on!

Still not intrigued? Then how about Glorious skins from previous seasons?!

Every season, the Ranked Store will add a Glorious skin from a few seasons back, along with a pose for that skin. If Wild Rift just wasn't available in your region when that skin came out or you didn't feel comfortable diving into Ranked yet, now's your second chance!

And for everybody who earned their Glorious skins by hitting Gold in previous seasons, don't worry—you'll get a special splash overlay to flex your old school cred!

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