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PROJECTBOOSTHEADER.jpgPlay League of Legends: Wild Rift daily during the PROJECT Boost event to earn extra Blue Motes!


Start - January 5th, 2022 / 00:00 UTC
End - January 16th, 2022 / 23:59 UTC*

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

PROJECT Boost Nodes

During the event, you’ll automatically receive 2 PROJECT boost nodes every day at 00:00 UTC. Unlike the consumable Blue Motes Boost items found in your collection, these are separate boosts that only appear on the event page. One of your available PROJECT boost nodes is triggered and consumed automatically each time you play a game, providing 85 Blue Motes whether you win or lose.

You can save as many as 7 boosts for later use. If all seven slots are full when boosts refresh at 00:00 UTC, the two new boosts will be lost, so don’t forget to play regularly to maximize your Blue Motes! You can tell how many you have available by checking to see how many boost nodes are lit up on the event page.

If you run out of boosts, remember to check the event page for a countdown clock to the next refresh.

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