Wild Rift - New Year's Fluft (2024)


New year, same poros! Celebrate a fresh start for all our fuzzy friends with League of Legends: Wild Rift's New Year's Join the Fluft event.


Start - December 29, 2023 // 00:00 UTC
End - January 11, 2024 // 23:59 UTC

Countdown to a new year with missions and gifts galore, courtesy of our fuzziest friends!


Although you'll only be able to make progress on one mission at a time and must complete them in order, all missions will be available from day one. Start the new year off at a pace that works for you.

Finally, note that progress will only count on matchmade games like PVP, ARAM, Ranked, Co-op vs. AI, and time-limited game modes. Training, custom games, and 1v1s don't count!

Mission Objective Reward
Poro Punch Get 24 takedowns 50 Blue Motes
Wrecking Ball As a team, destroy 24 turrets 75 Blue Motes
Poro vs Minions As a team, kill 2,024 minions 100 Blue Motes

As a team, get 240 kills
Deal 202,400 damage to enemy champions

125 Blue Motes
Jungle Trek As a team, defeat 24 epic monsters
Play 24 matches
150 Blue Motes
Master of Skills Cast spells 240 times 150 Blue Motes
Riches Galore As a team, earn 2,024,000 gold 200 Blue Motes


Your New Year's Fluft rewards will unlock as you hit each required XP goal, but be sure to actually go into the event and claim your prizes before it's over!

Milestone Objective Rewards
Fluft Master Complete 3 Event Missions 2024-new-year-icon.png
2024 New Year Icon
Fluft Legend Complete 7 Event Missions 200 Poro Coins
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