Guild vs Guild Battle Overview

Guild vs Guild battles turn your guild from a rec room into a command center. Coordinate and conquer to earn Guild Points and Trophy Points, so your guild can distinguish itself on the leaderboard as a force to be feared!


Anybody can queue up for a quick match of Wild Rift, but if you're going to qualify for the week-long marathon that is GvG, your guild is going to need to meet a few basic requirements

  • At least 5 active guild members (Played at least one match in the last two weeks)
  • At least one week old when guild matchmaking begins
  • PvP Guild Battle Only - Earn at least 2,000 Supplies in the previous Battle Exercise or GvG battle

Note that the third requirement only applies to those looking to face other real players in GvG combat. If you haven't managed to tick that particular box, don't worry! You'll get your chance by being automatically entered into a...

Battle Exercise

Before you take on another bona fide guild, you'll have to prove your combat readiness with a Battle Exercise. There you'll face an AI opponent through most of the normal steps of a GvG battle, save for two important exceptions:

  1. The battle will always result in a tie
  2. There will be no victory rewards

Once you've completed your battle exercise, you'll be qualified for the real thing the following week. Provided you still meet the other requirements and earned at least 2,000 Supplies in your Battle Exercise, of course!

A Fresh Start

Battle Exercises for all! Even in the middle of a season, every guild that meets the basic prerequisites listed above will start with a Battle Exercise, so don't feel left out!


Guild vs Guild battles follow a consistent weekly cadence to help you plan your next move:

Day Time (UTC) Event
Monday 12:00AM Eligible guildmates and guilds locked, matchmaking begins
9:00AM Match found and GvG starts!
Wednesday 9:00AM Progress Update
Friday 9:00AM Progress Update
If one team is winning by a large amount: Sabotage opportunity!
Saturday 9:00AM Sabotage Mission finishes,
Repair Mission begins
Sunday 11:59PM GvG concludes, final scores are calculated and a winner is declared

Each season of Guild vs Guild will include an intermission in the middle and a ceasefire at the end as we get ready for the next season. Use this time to take a well-earned break!

Want to learn more about the themes of each season, how long they last, and what you stand to gain? Then dive into GvG Seasons!

No joining mid-battle!

If you join a guild in the middle of a GvG battle, you will not be able to participate! Only guild members who were part of the guild before matchmaking began are eligible to contribute. But don't despair! You'll be able to leap into the fray for subsequent battles!


Just like a normal match of 5v5 on Wild Rift, we do our best to make sure every round of GvG is as fair as possible. That's why we take all of the following into considering when picking your opponent:


In GvG, every second counts. We make sure you're only facing guilds from the same locale/shard so that nobody has an unfair advantage when it comes to the opening or closing hours of a tight battle!

Prior Battles

Having a rival can be thrilling! Facing that rival every week? Slightly less thrilling. That's why you can only face the same guild once every four weeks.

Worthy Opponents

We can't go too into detail, but we take several factors into consideration when picking your opponent, like previous guild scores, member count, and overall guild performance.

That being said, please understand that this is a brand new system! The more you play, the more data we'll get, and the better your matches will become.

Once you find out who you're fighting, it's game on! Rally your troops, hit the queue, and start...

Gathering Supplies

Put plainly, Supplies = Score. The more Supplies you earn, the higher your score becomes, and the better your chance of winning!


While you can see your own Supply score at any time, you won't be able to see the enemy's score until the very end of the battle. But that doesn't mean you'll be completely in the dark! On Wednesday and Friday, you'll get an update on how you're faring with three possible results: 

  • Ahead - Congratulations! Your war efforts are paying off and the battle is swinging in your favor. Keep it up!
  • Close - This one's too close to call! Better redouble your efforts!
  • Behind - Uh oh… It looks like the enemy guild is pulling away. If you want to win, you'll have to do something drastic—like Sabotage.

Whatever the result of your Supplies update, you should always give it your best. You never know which battle will push you over the top, so keep earning Supplies through the methods listed below.

Party Up

The guild that plays together, slays together.

You'll earn 10 Supplies and 10 Trophy Points every time you play a match with at least one of your fellow guildmates. Win, and you'll boost your rewards to 15 Supplies and 15 Trophy Points!

This is a great way to support your cause, but just queuing up together will only get you so far! Each guildmate can only earn up to 150 Supplies and Trophy Points per week, so mix up your contributions by turning your gaze towards…

Guild Missions

Trying to pump up your score? Then try taking on some Guild Missions!

Every weekly battle comes with 4 active missions, each with 8 reward milestones. Reaching a milestone will earn Supplies and Guild Points for your guild, and Trophy Points for you—though TP can only be earned for the first 5 milestones! Guild Mission objectives may change from week to week, and the majority (but not all!) of them can only be completed by queuing up with a fellow guild member. Combined with the basic bonus for playing with guildies listed above, it's like your double-dipping in delicious points!

Only the Armed get Trophy Points!

You'll only be able to claim the Trophy Points you earn from Guild Missions if you've unlocked the Armed status, which you can read about below Champion Favor! Trophy Points earned in other ways (like queuing with guildmates or winning the battle) are unaffected by your Armed status.

Champion Favor

All battling guilds are assigned one of two battling champions that change each week. Getting champion-senpai to notice your guild delivers a big Supply boost that'll drastically improve your odds of GvG victory, but currying their favor is no simple task—they'll only help you out if you out-arm your opponent!

Armed vs Unarmed

At the start of each GvG battle, the most active members of the guild will be marked with an Armed status. These core players are then tasked with getting their Unarmed comrades ready to rock by playing a game with them. That's right—changing your status from Unarmed to Armed is as simple as playing with an Armed player!

While arming your guild to the gills is its own reward, Armed players will also earn Trophy Points for every player whose status they change from Unarmed to Armed, so do your duty and queue up!

Unarmed Players

  • Play with an Armed player to become Armed
  • Any Trophy Points your guild earns through Guild Missions will be added to a backlog until you are Armed. Be sure to get Armed to claim them!

Armed Players

  • Play premade matches with Unarmed guildmates to change their status to Armed
  • Earn Trophy Points for every player you arm

Earning Trophy Points is just the beginning, because the better armed you are, the better your chance to earn your champion's favor with your...

Armed Rate

Arming your guildmates is the first step towards getting a champion's favor, but you'll have to prove you can work together if you really want their aid!

Your Armed Rate is determined by two things.

  1. The percentage of your guild that has been Armed
  2. The number of games your guildmates have played together.

The percentage of your guild that has been Armed is the upper potential limit of your Armed Rate. For example, if 80% of your guild is Armed, your highest possible armed rate will be 80%.


Your Armed Rate is capped by the number of games your guildmates have played together:

Games Played w/ Guildmates Maximum Armed Rate
0–19 20%
20–39 40%
40–59 60%
60–79 80%
80+ 100%

For example: If you manage to get 100% of your guildmates Armed, but have only played 25 games together, you'll only be able to reach an Armed Rate of 40%! If you want to earn that juicy Champion Favor bonus, you'll have to arm your entire guild AND have at least 80 games where guildmates play together!

Champion Favor Bonus

When the GvG battle concludes, the Guild with the highest Armed Rate gets a big GP bonus and +8% Supplies! If you're aiming to win, you'd best come well-armed.

In the event of a tie, the guild that reached the final Armed Rate first wins the Champion Favor Boost.

So what if you're using all these great ways to earn Supplies, but you're STILL lagging behind your enemy? Then it's time for...


We're tellin' all y'all, it's a Sabotage!

When one guild starts falling too far behind, they'll be offered a chance to Sabotage the enemy guild when they get their Progress Update on Friday at 9AM. This is a huge comeback opportunity with an equally large ask of the eligible guild, so don't miss out!

Sabotage Mission

Whichever guild is behind on Friday will have 24 hours to complete a special Sabotage Mission: Make a guildmates-only 5-stack and win a certain number of games.

Each time you complete this mission, you'll destroy 1% of the enemy's final Supplies! Complete it up to 8 times to carve off a devastating 8% Supplies.

That's right—Sabotage may be brutal, but it's also (potentially) temporary. Because every Sabotaged guild will have an opportunity to recover the damaged Supplies with a…

Repair Mission

We're tellin' all y'all, it's a... uh... a repair mission!

Guilds targeted by a Sabotage mission will receive a notification on Saturday at 9AM revealing how much damage the enemy guild has done, along with the same mission to repair the lost supplies: win a certain number of games with a guildmates-only 5-stack!

Each 5-man guild-only victory will repair 0.8% of the damaged supplies, which can be fully recovered. But you'll only have until the conclusion of the current GvG battle, so make sure you've completed your repairs by 12:59PM that Sunday!


Before we get into calculating the results, give yourself a pat on the back! GvG battles are challenging ordeals that will test the limits of your teamwork and dedication, so take a moment to reflect on this achievement and bask in the GP and TP you've already earned. Nice work!

Now let's see how you did!

Scoring and Winning

At the end of the week, your final score will be calculated according to the following factors

  • Supplies - Each Supply earned by completing Guild Missions and playing with guildies counts as 1 point!
  • Champion Favor - Getting your champion to back you up is a big deal, and provides a whopping +8% Bonus Supplies!
  • Sabotage - A successfully sabotaged team will lose out on a flat percent of its earned Supplies. The team doing the sabotaging doesn't earn any additional Supplies.

You'll also get a run-down of how many supplies you earned from each Guild Mission, along with your personal contributions. See whether you pulled your weight or got carried with style!


To the victors go the points!

2,000 Guild Points! Extra Trophy Points for all Armed guildmates! 1,000,000 BRAGGING RIGHTS! Er… Unquantifiable bragging rights! Victory is sweet indeed.

If you've earned a Trophy Point Buff by leveling your guild, this is where you can expect to see it in action! You'll also earn Guild Medals to decorate your tag plates and an improved position on the guild leaderboards.

But don't rest on your laurels! Because though you may have emerged a champion this time, your next trial may be right around the corner as the GvG Season continues!

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