From champions, to poses, to skins and more, there's a whole lot to collect in League of Legends: Wild Rift. And while most of it can be purchased outright, there’s also another way... If you want to add a little surprise and excitement to your day, try opening a chest!

What are chests? 

We’re really getting down to brass tacks here, huh? Simply put, chests are little prizes that contain something cool!

How do you get them?

Chests are often doled out as rewards, be it for participating in an event or reaching a new level in the Wild Pass. You can also purchase a special one directly from the Poro Store.

What kinds of chests are there?

There are two basic types of chest: standard and themed. Standard chests are available all the time, and they can contain almost anything that Wild Rift has to offer (more details below). Themed chests (e.g. Wild Rift Academy Pose Selection Chest) are available for a limited time and contain specific thematic content, most often relating to an event. While the stuff found in standard chests is updated frequently, themed chests have set content that never changes.

Standard and themed chests also come in two varieties: random and self-selection. Random chests contain—you guessed it—random items. Self-selection chests, known in the game simply as “selection chests,” let you pick your prize from a list of options.

Generally speaking, chests contain a single item type that’s indicated by the name. Most commonly that means champions, skins, or poses, but you may also come across chests containing cosmetic items like baubles or icons.

Put it all together and what do you get? Maybe a Random Skin Chest, a Champion Selection Chest, a Wild Rift Academy Pose Selection Chest, or any other combination of the categories above. If you’re ever unsure of what to expect from a chest, just use the name as your guide!

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What items can be found in standard random/selection chests?

That’s actually a more complicated topic than you might think! Since Wild Rift adds new content on a regular basis, the possible contents of a chest have to change frequently to keep up. But does that mean you can find a brand new skin in a Random Skin Chest? Not quite.

Standard content

Content added to Wild Rift is not available in standard chests until the following patch.

Example: If a new champion is released during version 2.4, they won’t show up in chests until 2.5.

Event content

Event content also gets added to the pool eventually, but it takes a little bit longer—three patches to be exact. 

Example: If a new skin is released as part of an event during version 2.4, it won’t show up in chests until 2.7.

Please note that limited and exclusive content (e.g. Glorious skins) never becomes available in chests.

What about Poro Chests?

Poro Chests are purchased with Poro Coins in the Poro Store. Unlike the chests detailed above, Poro Chests contain a wide variety of items including poses, baubles, icons, emotes, and more. Check out our Poro Chest Content article for a list of what’s currently available.


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