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League of Legends: Wild Rift might be optimized for quick mobile fun, but it still demands a lot of focus. Given all the bigbrain trades happening in your lane alone, you're all but guaranteed to miss a few huge plays happening elsewhere on the map. And how are you supposed to improve if you're busy trying to survive?

With Spectate and Replay, that's how!


Spectate is your front-row ticket to live games. It comes with full visibility of both teams and a pause button, so you stop the feed and take a screenshot at the exact moment Teemo steals Baron with a beautifully bounced mushroom. How else will anybody believe you?!

Players can tune into games iOS-to-Android and vice versa, so don't worry if you and your bestie agree on everything but which mobile device reigns supreme. So long as you're running the same version of Wild Rift, you'll be able to watch each other's games!

With all that in mind, there are two ways to spectate: watching a friend's live game, and spectating a custom game.

Spectating a Friend

Ever hop on to play, only to find your friend is already in the middle of a game? Go spectate! Not only will you be able to see if they're almost done, but you'll know whether commiserations or congratulations are in order once the battle is through!

Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Make a friend (Really! You must be friends to spectate another player's game)
  2. Find their name on your friends list
  3. Tap the Spectate icon

There's no limit to how many people can spectate a friend's game, so go ahead and form a viewing party with your other buddies to cheer 'em on or give 'em guff.

Although you can only spectate while your friend is actually playing, know that every game streams to spectators with a 3-minute delay. This is to prevent spectating friends from cutting through the fog of war with a real-time play-by-play. Gotta keep it fair!

Spectating a Custom Game

Custom Matches also allow spectators, albeit with a different set of rules:

  • You do not need to be friends to spectate
  • There is no 3 minute delay—the feed is live!
  • There can be only 3 spectators per custom match

Unlike watching a friend's game, you'll have to be invited to or create the custom game to spectate. But hey, it's worth it for the live feed!

Disabling Spectate

Having friends tune into your game can be fun, but it can also be a bit nerve wracking. If you feel like the 4-0 Garen first-bricking your lane is enough pressure without adding an audience, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to General
  3. Toggle Allow spectators to Off (or On, if you want your friends to watch your games)

If your friend can't seem to spectate your games, check these settings!

Can't find any games to spectate live? Why not watch an old one of your own, with...


Whether you're analyzing the minutia of laning phase or capturing your 5-man Nami bubble for internet glory, the replay system is just what the Dr. Mundo ordered. It even comes with a full suite of controls, so feel free to jump between key moments, zip through the early game at high speed, then pump the brakes to relive your best plays in glorious slow motion!

Accessing Replays

You'll get an opportunity to download a replay of the game you just played in the post-game wrap-up screen, but if you want to see footage from an earlier game, the following steps will get you where you need to go:

  1. Open your Profile
  2. Go to the History tab
  3. Tap the Replay_Icon.png button next to the game you want to download

Replay Must Match Current Game Version

You can only watch replays of games played with the current version of Wild Rift. If the game is updated or hotfixed, you will no longer be able to view your previous replays. While our patch schedule can keep you apprised of the big changes before they come, most hotfixes have much less fanfare with the same result—ie, rendering your older replays unwatchable. That's why we suggest watching/clipping replays as soon as you're able!

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