Wild Rift - Masters of the Hunt

Ever shrouded by the fog of war, the jungles of League of Legends: Wild Rift can prove deadly to even the bravest of champions. Yet two natural-born hunters now claim this savage battleground as their domain, each intent on making a trophy of the other.

Leap into our latest event to help determine who will be predator, and who will be prey.



Start - May 6th, 2021 / 01:00 UTC
End - May 18th, 2021 / 23:59 UTC
Wrap-Up - May 25th, 2021 / 23:59 UTC

While most events simply end, this vicious duel merits adding a few extra days for the last hunter standing to bask in the glory of victory. Just remember to pick up your team rewards before the event wraps up on May 25th, or your prize will escape into the darkness!

The Ultimate Game of Cat and...Bug?

Born a runt in a clan of vastayan hunters, Rengar overcame his diminutive stature through incredible hardship to become chieftain, only to discard the title in pursuit of the hunt.

Once a fragile denizen of the Void, Kha'Zix consumed all in its path, assimilating the power of its quarry to evolve into a ruthless killing machine.

Now the two are facing off in an epic rivalry like no other, and only you can decide who's top of the food chain!

At the start of the event, you'll be prompted to pick a hunter to back—Rengar or Kha'Zix. Many of the rewards you stand to win will be dependent upon your affiliation, so be sure to consult the table below before locking in. You'll also flex your affiliation at the start of each match with a special tag, enabling you to hunt with pride!

But your potential bounty doesn't stop at a few custom rewards and a spawn tag. The performance of players from both teams will be monitored throughout the event, and to the ultimate hunters go the ultimate spoils: an exclusive icon upgrade! Read on to learn more!

Nemesis Duel

These two ferocious champions are bringing their vendetta to Wild Rift with a new high-stakes mechanic: Nemesis Duel! This feature is a permanent part of the game that will continue even once the event ends, so go here to see what happens when Rengar and Kha'Zix are pitted against one-another, gato a insecto. 


As noted above, certain rewards are tied to your affiliated champion. In these cases, Rengar's rewards will be denoted with blue text, while Kha'Zix's rewards will be indicated in red.

Just like this event's iconic duo, these missions come in pairs. You'll have to complete both missions from a given day to unlock the next day's missions. And don't worry if you fall behind: each day's missions will be waiting for you in a hidden queue, so you can catch up to your target as fast as you're able!

Day Mission Objective Reward


Trophy Hunting

Get 50 takedowns

The Pridestalker icon
The Voidreaver icon


Open Season

Play 7 games
Get MVP/SVP 1 time



Cast ultimate 15 times

50 Poro Coins


Three in the Bag

Win 3 games


Apex Predator

Get 10 kills

Trophy Collection bauble

Void Wing bauble


Void Safari

Capture or kill the Rift Herald 3 times


Bounty Hunter

Earn 70,000 gold

Adorable Assailant emote


Stick Around

Play 7 games
Achieve a total of 10 medals (EoG awards)



As a team, obtain the Red/Blue buff 10 times (includes buff transfer)

500 Blue Motes


Run Them Down

As a team, kill 300 monsters



As a team, destroy 16 towers

Masters Of The Hunt Self-Select Champion Chest
(Choose between Rengar and Kha'Zix)


Exceed Your Quota

Play 7 games
Get a 5+ kill streak


Remain Unseen

Place or destroy 20 wards

50 Poro Coins


If It Bleeds...

Deal 20,000 physical damage to enemy champions

Deal 20,000 magic damage to enemy champions


Spirit of the Hunt

As a team, kill 5 dragons

Masters of the Hunt Self-Select Champion Pose Chest
(Choose between Rengar and Kha'Zix)


Big Game

Play 7 games
Get an S rating



As a team, kill 2 Barons

50 Poro Coins


The Deadliest Game

As a team, kill 1,000 minions


No Sport / Delusions of Mortality

Play 7 games
Win a game where Rengar / Kha'Zix (rival champion) was on the opposing team

The Hunt Begins icon border


Legacy of the Kiilash /
The Void Evolves

Play 7 games
Win a game playing as or with Rengar / Kha'Zix (backed champion)

Team Competition

While the above missions reflect the relentless quest for self-improvement epitomized by both hunters, it wouldn't be much of a rivalry without a little competition. That's why we'll be keeping track of a few key stats for both teams during the event.

Week 1 is all about showing up for the hunt. We'll be tracking the average number of games played for supporters of each hunter and updating the results daily.

Week 2 cranks up the intensity by adding the average number of takedowns scored by each team's members. If you want the grand prize, you're gonna have to earn it.

Also note that these scores are kept on a per-region basis, so expect different winners across the globe!

Team Rengar's Prize

Should Rengar's team claw their way to the top, they'll receive an additional upgraded event icon!

King of the Rift Icon

Team Kha'Zix's Prize

If Kha'Zix's team evolves into their final form, they'll receive an additional upgraded event icon!

Apex Predator Icon

Consolation Prize

GGWP to the second place team! You'll be getting a Boost Bundle containing one of each kind of boost for your effort!

Spawn Tag Victory Lap

If your team is victorious, you'll continue to flaunt your champion's spawn tag for one week after the event has ended. Let the world know that you're a rep of Runeterra's deadliest predator!

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