Wild Rift - Americas Server Launch

Turn Off Your VPNs!

Many of the issues addressed in this article are either caused or exacerbated by VPNs. Turn yours off for the best gameplay experience!

League of Legends: Wild Rift is coming to the Americas!

That's right, players in Brazil, LATAM, and North America—your time has finally come. But while in the past we've simply added new countries to our ever-evolving Regional Open Beta FAQ, the Americas server is different enough to merit its very own FAQ.


The "Americas Launch" Message

Once the Americas server is live, Wild Rift players whose registered account locations don't match their IP address locations will see a message about the launch whenever they start the game. This message contains important information on how we assign servers and what this means for new and current players across the globe. Sure, it may seem like overkill to make this a regular part of the booting process, but we want to guarantee all players understand exactly what's happening and why.

It's also very specific in pointing out who won't be affected by this launch, and answers the question...

What does this mean for players in Europe and Asia?

New and existing players outside of the Americas are good to go! Just log in as you normally would.

If you do run into a problem, it's likely because the location registered to your Riot Account and your current location don't match, AND one of these locations is in the Americas. Your best bet in this case is to check your network settings, deactivate any VPNs, confirm your login credentials, and try again. Should that fail, please drop us a line, and we'll see what we can do!

As for everyone else...

What about players in the Americas?

The Americas servers use a completely different infrastructure from the rest of the world (which is also why they're coming online so late into the Regional Open Beta). This unique system means that while players across the Americas can queue up with each other to their heart's content, they will be unable to match with players outside of these two continents, even while abroad.

That's why we're taking a few extra steps to get everyone on the correct server.

Login Check List

Help us help you end up where you need to be!

1. Consider your current location

When you log into a Riot game for the first time, we use your IP address to assign you to the best server for your location. Proper placement helps ensure optimal network performance (less lag, fewer disconnects, etc.) while also including you in any region-specific events or promotions. That's why you should always be mindful of where you are when you're first logging into Wild Rift!

2. Turn off any VPNs

An improperly configured VPN can trick our systems into thinking you're some place you're not, which may result in assigning an inaccurate server affinity to your account. This can create a whole host of problems that can't be easily resolved (and a few that can't be fixed at all!), so your best bet is to deactivate your VPN entirely when first logging on.

3. Fully read any login prompts

Some players whose server location doesn't match their geolocation may encounter a prompt upon logging in. It's very important that you read this prompt and fully understand its implications before continuing.

For most players, these steps are all it takes to put you on the right server! However, this may not be the case, if...

You live in America, but have already been playing in the Regional Open Beta

Players who have an account location OUTSIDE of the Americas but sign in from a location IN the Americas will be prompted to migrate to the Americas server.

Traveling, VPNs… There are a bunch of ways players who otherwise live in the Americas might have already jumped into the Wild Rift Regional Open Beta. And we get it! Frankly, we're equal parts honored and humbled that anybody would brave the host of network challenges that come with connecting to overseas servers.

But as you have probably already discovered, there's only so much a "fast" connection can do when you're queueing up an ocean or two away from your opponents. That's why any players who are physically in the Americas will be prompted to join the Americas server.

If you choose to opt out of the migration, then your account will remain unchanged, but you will be unable to log in so long as your Riot Account location differs from your IP address location.

If you do not live in the Americas but are still being prompted to migrate your account, check your network settings, deactivate any VPNs, and verify your login information, then try again.

What happens to my account if I migrate to the Americas servers?

Pre-existing accounts that migrate into the Americas servers will be completely reset, but any purchased Wild Cores will eventually be restored. 

These migrations are FINAL.

The unique infrastructure of the Americas servers prevents us from doing full account transfers, meaning you'll have to restart your Wild Rift journey on the same page as everyone else: level 1, no content.

We know—it sucks. You did whatever it took to get a chance to play, and though it didn't work out, we love that kind of enthusiasm.

So let us make it up to you.

We can't get into the specifics just yet, but we're preparing an event that will help players in the Americas catch up with the rest of the world. You'll have the chance to get tons of Blue Motes, XP, champions, and even exclusive content from long expired events.

What's more, these perks will stack with the bonuses you'll get for your time spent on League PC via the Rift-to-Rift event, to say nothing of the benefits you'll receive for another new event—Wild Rift Journey—that's launching globally around the same time.

We may not be able to restore your content, but it's our hope that this triple-stack of events will get you back on your feet in record time.

Cross-Server Restrictions

Whether you end up on the Americas servers or with the rest of the world, there are a few things you need to know.

Players on the Americas servers are separated from players on the Europe and Asia servers by more than just water. Matchmaking, friending, gifting, and other features cannot occur between the two regions. Once your account location has been set, these limitations will follow you even if you travel—ie, a player with an account registered to the Americas will only play games with other players on that server, and vice versa for players registered in Europe and Asia.

We should also stress that, outside of the transfer prompt listed above, players will not have the opportunity to switch between server groups once they're locked in. Only confirm your transfer when you're absolutely sure!

I still can't log in!

Before trying anything else, go to the login checklist above and don't skip a single step!

Log in errors usually mean we are still detecting a conflict between your assigned server and your IP address location, and the only way to resolve this issue is to make sure these two locations match.

If you feel you've resolved the location issue but are still unable to log in, then send us a ticket and we'll get you squared away!

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