Wild Rift Academy

What is Wild Rift Academy?

Whether you're learning your lane for the first time or mastering your mechanics on mobile, we want you to hit the ground running. That's why every new player receives an invitation to the Wild Rift Academy, a special event full of simple objectives and plentiful rewards!

Sounds fun! How do I join?

Just reach account level three, and BOOM! You'll start unlocking missions!

You can have up to three missions available at a time. Unlocked missions from subsequent days will remain in your backlog until you complete one of your three current objectives, after which the next mission will be added to your active queue.

For example: On your first day, you receive missions 1–3. You don't complete any missions, so the next day missions 4–6 are added to your backlog. If you then complete mission 2 and 3, you'll receive missions 4 and 5, with mission 1 still in your active queue and mission 6 waiting in your backlog.


Days to Unlock Mission Objective Rewards
1 1 Use Summoner Spells 2 times 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
2 Cast Ultimate 3 times 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
3 Eat 1 Honey Fruit 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
2 4 Kill 10 Minions 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
5 Deal 5,000 damage to enemy champions

120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
6 Assist in destroying 3 Turrets 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
3 7 Capture or kill 1 Rift Herald with your team 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
8 Kill 1 Baron with your team 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
9 Kill 1 Dragon with your team 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
4 10 Purchase 1 Boot Enchant 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
11 Use Boots Active 2 times 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
12 Place or destroy 1 ward 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
5 13 Win 2 games 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
14 Get 10 Takedowns 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes
15 Use a Ping in game 120 XP,
100 Blue Motes

Milestone Rewards

As if the mission rewards weren't enough, you'll also earn a special Milestone Reward for every three missions you complete!

Number of Missions Required Rewards
3 200 Poro Coins
Good Job! Emote
6 3 XP Boosts
1 Team Boost
9 1 Champion Selection Chest
12 1 Pose Selection Chest
15 1 Skin Selection Chest

Wild Rift Academy Chest Content

The available content in both the Wild Rift Academy Pose Selection Chest and the Wild Rift Academy Skin Selection Chest is fixed and will not change to include new releases.

How long will I have to complete the missions?

As long as you like!

Wild Rift Academy missions stay in your queue until you complete them, so take as much time as you need.

Classic Wild Rift Academy

Are your missions not playing by the rules we've listed above? Don't worry! That just means you're in the classic version of Wild Rift Academy. The format's slightly different, but you'll ultimately get very similar rewards!

Once you've enrolled in the Academy (whether classic or new!), there's no switching curriculums—your missions and prizes are set. Wild Rift Academy also cannot be repeated, so savor every moment!

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