Wild Rift - Noxian Brotherhood

Noxus is expanding its dominion in League of Legends: Wild Rift, and they've sent two of their best to do the job. Yet Darius and Draven bring a fraught history with them to the battlefield. Will the brothers succumb to sibling rivalry? Or will they finally bury the hatchet(s)?



Start - December 10th, 2020 / 00:00 UTC
End - January 3rd, 2021 / 00:00 UTC

Brothers, an Illustrated Tale

Most siblings have an axe to grind. But Darius and Draven? They have three.

Noxian Brotherhood introduces the Hand of Noxus and the Glorious Executioner to Wild Rift with a powerful flourish befitting the pair in the form of a 13-part comic. Those looking to witness every panel of Darius and Draven's challenge would be well-advised to complete all of the following missions.


Noxus' conquest spans 12 missions in total. Players will find 1 new, randomly selected mission charging into their queue every day, but be forewarned! These tasks are not for the faint of heart, so you may only have 3 active missions at any given time. Players with 3 active missions must complete what they have to make more room for their backlog. Don't want to miss a thing? Then queue often and play hard, lest you find yourself overwhelmed by the Noxian duo in the final hour.

Mission Objective 1 Objective 2
To The Death Get 30 takedowns ---
Glorious Execution Play 4 games Get a 4+ kill streak
Do I Entertain You? Destroy 12 turrets as a team ---
Slice and Dice Kill 500 minions as a team Kill 150 minions
Victory Laurels Win 3 games Win 1 game as a premade team
The Sentencing Kill 3 Barons as a team ---
Cut Down In Their Prime Kill 6 dragons as a team ---
Throwing Power Play 4 games Win 1 game as a Marksman
Cleave-Ho Play 4 games Win 1 game as a Warrior
Unmatched Power Deal 40,000 damage to enemy champions Deal 5,000 damage to enemy champions within 5 seconds
The Might of the Hand Play 4 games Cast your ultimate 12 times in a single game
Brotherly Love Earn 200,000 Gold as a team Earn 40,000 Gold

Most completed missions will earn you 225 Blue Motes and 1 page of the exclusive comic, Brothers, except for one mission that grants 2 pages! Complete all 12 to finish the story!

Read while you can!

When the event goes away, so does the comic. It may return at a later date, but we advise players to make like a Noxian and leave nothing to chance. Get your fill now!


In Noxus, the fruits of your labor are yours alone to reap. Those who wish to explore the complex brotherly bonds between Darius and Draven must carve their own path!

Rewards are doled out based on how many comic pages you've unlocked.

Comic Reward
1 Icon
3 50 Poro Coins



7 Champion Box (Choose Darius or Draven)
9 50 Poro Coins

Icon Border



We've stocked the Store with Noxus' finest! Since inviting all to bask in the glory of the Noxian banner is a full-time job, these fraternal frenemies and their skins will stick around even once the event is over.


  • Darius
  • Draven


  • High Noon Darius
  • Academy Darius
  • Primetime Draven
  • Soul Reaver Draven


Darius Release Set

  • Darius (50% off)
  • Academy Darius
  • High Noon Darius

Draven Release Set

  • Draven (50% off)
  • Soul Reaver Draven
  • Primetime Draven
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