Kick-Off and Rift-to-Rift Rewards

As League of Legends: Wild Rift continues expanding across the globe, we want to say thank you to all the players who made this game possible. Whether you laid the foundation by playing the original League of Legends or are building the future by queuing up on Wild Rift for the first time, we can think of no better way to show our appreciation than some Rift-to-Rift Rewards!


The Basics

Start Date: March 30th, 2021 / 00:00 UTC+0
End Date: May 31st, 2021 / 23:59 UTC+0
Supported Locations: North America, LATAM, and Brazil

Once the event goes live, a pop-up will appear inviting eligible players to join the fun. You're also invited to check it out yourself by tapping the in-game Event button!

Verifying Your Account Location

Some players may need to transfer their account to play on the Americas servers. For more information, check here!

How do I get all my rewards?

We're greeting our players with two sets of rewards: one for everybody, and one for League of Legends' veterans.

If you're part of the latter group, please understand that we can't deliver your due rewards if we don't know what you've accomplished on Summoner's Rift! That's why your first log in must be linked with the same credentials you use to play League of Legends.

If you log in with a brand new account and don't link your existing Riot account, we will not be able to merge the two accounts or transfer rewards. If you try to log in with a social media account tied to an email already associated with a Riot account, you'll be prompted to link the two accounts and/or log in with your Riot credentials.

Got it? Good!


Kick Off Rewards

You get a reward, and YOU get a reward! YOU ALL GET REWARDS! 

These rewards are available to ALL players in the eligible regions, regardless of whether or not you've played League of Legends before.

Players can earn these rewards just by completing co-op vs AI, normal, or ranked games, so queue up and get paid.

Rift-to-Rift Rewards

We realize that hopping over to Wild Rift and refilling your sizable League coffers can feel like a Braumian task. That's why we wanted to make sure our players were taken care of, whether their investment in Summoner's Rift was chronological or monetary!

Hours Played

Summoner's Rift has been around for a minute. Or, as of the writing of this article, nearly 6,000,000 minutes. And that's not even including leap days!

Either way, that's enough time for a whole bunch of games. While we'd like to think that queuing up is its own reward, it sure would be nice to get something back for all that time spent on the OG Rift, wouldn't it?

Well, say no more! Players who have spent any amount of time on League of Legends will earn special bonus rewards, with more time spent translating to even more goodies. This includes champions, baubles, icons… But what are we telling you for? All the details are available in your Event Center!

Money Spent

Whether your Rift of choice starts with "Wild" or "Summoner's," the entrance fee is always the same: ZERO. Queuing up won't cost you a dime, a yen, a peso, a pound… You get the idea. The only time you'll pay anything is if you want to glam out your League experience with skins, battle passes, and other sparkly bits. You get to strut your stuff on the Rift, and we get to keep making games. It's win-win! 

This reward line is all about giving back to the players who have decked out their League of Legends accounts in all (or even some) of the bells and whistles. The greater your glitz, the better your bounty! These rewards mostly come in the form of free skins, but you can check out the in-game Event Center for more details!

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