Maximum Recommended Latency

From the very beginning of League of Legends: Wild Rift’s development, we were excited about the opportunities that mobile gaming presented. League in your pocket? A dream come true! Play anywhere, any time? Heck yeah!

But real-time mobile combat also presents some unique challenges. Sure, Wi-Fi and wired connections aren’t always consistent, but data plans are another beast entirely. With varying bandwidths and reception, keeping a strong, stable connection is not always easy. So it begs the question: just how much latency is too much?

In short, we recommend trying for a latency of 180ms or less.

There’s maybe a single thing online players around the world will agree on: lag sucks. That’s why we do our best to set up shards where they’ll best serve the most players. But the further a player is from our servers, the higher their latency—even if their carrier provides great bandwidth! 

If you feel your data plan should be enough to hit this benchmark but you’re still registering a ping greater than 180ms, then the issue is probably more geographical than technical. However! We still encourage you to submit a ticket with your ISP, a rough location, and your current ping, and we’ll see what we can do.

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