Whether by the last tick of Ignite or in an explosive one-shot, getting a takedown in League of Legends: Wild Rift is a truly satisfying experience. The promise of just one more tally for your KDA can inspire huge plays and meticulous skirmishes, so it's only natural for the victors to celebrate. Flashing emotes is all part of the fun!

Both, however, are as fleeting as the kill itself. And don't get us started on people who spam their mastery for a kill they didn't even help secure! If only there were a way for the rightful slayer to leave a definitive, lasting mark of their prowess. If only...there were baubles.

What are baubles?

Baubles are a brand new item that let you adorn the bodies of slain foes with a calling card of your choosing. Think of them as a cheeky emoji eulogy—"Here lies Garen, who underestimated the power of the Scout's Code!"

How do I get them?

Like so much of Wild Rift's content, baubles can be acquired through a variety of methods.

  • Store - Have a few Wild Cores lying around? Then the store is your best bet!
  • Poro Coin Shop - Baubles will pop up from time to time in the Poro Coin Store, so keep an eye on our latest offerings to bolster your bounty of baubles!
  • Event Milestone / Mission Rewards - Some baubles may be included in events or missions rewards, which we often list on this very site!
  • Level Up - You'll earn a bauble at specific levels. All you have to do is play!

How do I equip them?

Baubles are included as part of your collection, which can be found by tapping the little backpack on your home screen. You can also equip them in champ select a match by editing your loadouts!

How do I use them?

Once you have your favorite bauble locked and loaded, then these four easy steps practically follow themselves!

  1. Kill an enemy! If you want to use a bauble, you're gonna have to earn it. An assist simply isn't enough.
  2. Take no damage for a few seconds. Baubles are a bit of a flex, and you can't style on your opponents while getting rocket-punched in the face.
  3. Move near your fallen foe. The latter part of this requirement is important! No body? No bauble!
  4. Automatically drop a bauble! After all your hard work securing that kill, the least we can do is handle placing that bauble


Just remember: You don't need to stop moving for the bauble to pop out! So confirm your kill, bop 'em with a bauble, and continue your Wild Rift rampage!

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