Ranked Marks

Making the jump from normal to ranked games can be scary. Sure, it’s the same old Wild Rift, but its players are more focused. Hungry, even. Drooling for dominion, salivating for superiority...

Ravenous for Ranked Marks!

What are Ranked Marks?


Ranked Marks are how Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Emerald players track their progress up (and, alas, down) the ladder. You need a certain number of Ranked Marks to climb through each tier’s four divisions, and you gain/lose marks depending on the outcome of each match. Just how many Ranked Marks are at stake, however, depends on a few things.

Standard Ranked Games

Most ranked games obey a simple zero-sum game model:

Victory +1 Ranked Mark
Defeat (Bronze–Iron) No change
Defeat (Silver–Emerald) -1 Ranked Mark

Spoils to the victor, toil to the vanquished! This simple system holds true for the vast majority of IronEmerald Ranked games, except in the following two circumstances:

Placement Games

When entering Ranked for the first time, you’ll be put into a series of 10 placement games to determine your starting tier. We want you to get off on the right foot, so these games are generous in victory and forgiving in defeat!

Victory +2 Ranked Marks
Defeat No change

Once you’ve completed your placement games, Ranked Marks will be distributed as per the Standard Ranked Games model listed above.

Unless you’ve saved up some Ranked Fortitude, that is!

Ranked Fortitude

The Ranked Fortitude system is our way of helping players who have a consistently positive impact on games reach their true tier a little faster. Saving up Fortitude Points can spare you the price of defeat, or even double the prize of victory!

Victory (Full Fortitude) +2 Ranked Marks
Defeat (Half+ Fortitude) No change

Any defeat after reaching half of your current tier’s Fortitude cap will automatically redeem Fortitude Points to spare you from losing a Mark, while reaching the Fortitude cap will double your earned Marks for the next win. For a more comprehensive guide on Ranked Fortitude, go here!

How many Ranked Marks do I need in each division?

That depends on the tier!

Iron 2
Bronze–Silver 3
Gold–Platinum 4
Emerald 5
Diamond+ None! Check the Victory Point system

Once you fill up the Ranked Marks for a division, you’ll jump right to the next! To climb between tiers, however, you’ll have to complete a promo series, which you can learn about on our Ranked Overview.

Remember: each tier from Iron to Emerald has four divisions (Iron IV, Iron III, Iron II, Iron I, then Bronze IV, Bronze III, Bronze II, Bronze I, etc), so it’ll take a lot more games to get through Emerald than it will Iron!

I finally got to Diamond! What are Victory Points?

Welcome to the big leagues, Kid!

Check out this page for everything you need to know about Victory Points!

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