What are Spells?

Much like runes, spells are special universal abilities that players choose before the game begins. The main difference is that while runes apply passive effects under certain conditions,  spells must be actively triggered, after which they undergo a long cooldown. Knowing when to use these powerful spells is as important as realizing when your enemy’s spells are on cooldown, so try and keep track of who used what in big skirmishes to get an edge in your next battle.



Instantly teleport a short distance!

If you don’t bother aiming this ability, you’ll teleport the maximum distance in the direction your champion is facing. Given its tremendous offensive and defensive potential, Flash is a must-have for most champions.



Run like the wind!

This huge burst of speed also lets you ignore unit collision, so whether you’re moving in for the penta or running for your life, don’t let those meddlesome minions slow you down!



Throw down your jungle creeps and smite their ruin upon the mountainside!

*ahem* That is, deal a huge chunk of scaling true damage to jungle creeps or minions. Better yet, we’ve consolidated several of the key perks of League’s jungle items (which, you may have noticed, are absent from Wild Rift) into Smite, which now accompany the spell as passives:

  • Tooth and Nail - Attacks against jungle monsters to do extra damage, inflict gradual burn damage, and restore a small amount of health over time.
  • Hunting License - Jungle monsters grant bonus gold throughout the game, but minions give less experience for the first 5 minutes of the game.

But wait! There’s more!

Slay four large monsters, and you’ll be prompted to upgrade to one of two options:

  • Chilling Smite - Deal true damage to an enemy champion and steal some of their move speed for 2 seconds.
  • Challenging Smite - Deal true damage to an enemy champion and gain an adaptive buff for 5 seconds.

Just remember: upgraded Smites also have all the same passives as Original Smite™, so enjoy the same great taste with even more utility!



Gain a small shield for a short time!

And... that’s it! Though Barrier may lack the utility of other spells, there’s no denying the usefulness of a well-timed shield.



Reduce the move speed and damage of a single enemy champion!

This spell is usually best saved for the enemy team’s biggest damage dealer, but don’t be afraid to use it to prevent or secure a kill!



Heal yourself and one nearby allied champion!

This spell will target the ally with the lowest health. It also grants the both of you a short speed boost, opening the door for all kinds of death-defying plays. Just don’t try to stack it! Recently Healed champions will only receive a fraction of its restorative effects for subsequent Heals until its status effect wears off.



Set a single enemy champion on fire!

Ignite deals gradual damage over a set time, during which its target is inflicted with Grievous Wounds, reducing all incoming healing by 50%. This makes it ideal for both finishing low-health targets and clipping the wings of heavy healers. Fire first, questions later!

Which Spells should I choose?

Only you can decide!

Try to imagine what kind of scenarios you're going to face in your match. If your opponent has Flash and you don't, will they be able to escape or take you down whenever it's up? Do you have some other gap-closer that's just as good or even better? Will you have an in-lane partner to get the full benefit of Heal? Does the enemy's massive lifesteal merit taking Ignite to cut healing in half at a critical moment? Answering these questions in Champ Select will pay dividends through your whole game, so it's less about what you choose, and more about why!

Ultimately, there's no wrong answer. That's part of the fun of Wild Rift! Crazy builds and unorthodox teams can succeed in the right hands, so don't be afraid to experiment. Who knows? Maybe you'll start a whole new meta!

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