So You Have Access to the Alpha

Cue the confetti, because we’re stoked to have a group of you joining us for the League of Legends: Wild Rift Regional Android Alpha (what a mouthful!) If you’re not in the Alpha, don’t worry. We’ll be adding more players throughout the duration and into any betas and beyond, so we encourage you to go here for more information. For those of you in the Alpha, however, we wanted to do more than roll out the welcome mat. You’ve got questions, and (hopefully) we’ve got the answers!

I got selected for the Alpha! Now what?

You play the game, silly. But we’re guessing a little guidance as to the how is in order. Once you receive access, you’ll be notified via email which will point you towards the Google Play Site where you can Join the Tests (an option that’ll pop up over the pre-registration button). This is where you’ll download the game.

How do I log in?

Once you’ve gotten your invite, you’ll be getting a push notification AND an email with a link to download the game. This is your green light to go! Once the game’s installed, you can log in with your Google Play account (not your Riot Account, mind you. That’s for a post-Alpha world). If you have multiple accounts, you just need to make sure you’re using the one you pre-registered with!

How do I buy skins?

You… don’t. At least not during the Alpha! You’ll be able to see some of the skins we’ve got cooking, but since we want to limit the features we’re testing here, it’s window-shopping time for now. Don’t worry though! You’ll be able to deck out your favorite champs as we head towards our full launch.

So no skins?!

Well, we didn’t say that! You’ll actually get a skin for free as a login reward once you hit level 4! Just no purchasing skins right away.

Will I keep all the stuff I unlock after the Alpha ends?

We want everyone to start off on an even playing field once the game is accessible to a wider audience. This means a wipe of all your content. We know that’s a bit of a bummer, but please keep in mind that the Alpha is to test functionality, and while your progress won’t be retained, the value of your input is tough to quantify (tl;dr y’all are awesome).

So how do I learn how to play Wild Rift?

By channeling the spirit of each Runeterran champion… Or by playing the tutorials. Whichever comes first.

How can I give feedback on the game?

You’ll have the option to do so on the Google Play Site! Normally where you’d leave a review, you’ll actually have the option to provide feedback. Pretty neat, huh?

Can I stream, make videos, or even talk about Wild Rift?!

Yes, yes, and yes! Be sure to tag us on your social media, too! You can find us over on Twitter and Facebook.

I saw a toxic player!

Yikes! That isn’t cool. While there won’t be any chat in game, you may come across a player that’s not exhibiting behavior worthy of a champion. We know this never feels good. While we won’t be accepting tickets during the Alpha, we will be watching closely, both for the well-being of our players and to ensure when we do start accepting tickets, it’s more fine-tuned to our players’ needs (that’s you!)

I have a question about something in game!

For the Alpha, generally all the answers we can give are already in-game. If they aren’t there, then much like Amumu, we’re keeping it under wraps.

Can you please at least say which modes are available?

Heh. Well, since you asked nicely. You’ll be able to play in Normal 5v5, Co-op Vs. AI, the tutorials, and even custom games! Ranked will be available on day 4 and beyond from 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM (PST).

I have a problem with my account!

That’s no good. Please reach out to Google for any account-related issues.

How do I report a bug?

See something that’s breaking the game? Got some notes that could help us make Wild Rift even better? Google Play is going to be your new best friend. During the Alpha, the Google Play store will allow you to leave feedback (where you’d normally be leaving a review). 

I got in early, and something weird is happening

For the first 3 days as we scale up our services, the servers will only be open from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PST). Since we fully expect random outages as we test hotfixes and the like, only normal matches will be available for those first 3 days. Expect some high queue times and some other potential weirdness, but know that it’s just us doing our best Heimerdinger impression and tinkering on the back-end. 

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