League of Legends: Wild Rift Regional Alpha FAQ

We’ve got the league, and we’ve got the legends. All we need now… are the players! Welcome to the League of Legends: Wild Rift Regional Android Alpha Support Site. Since this is an Alpha (that thing that comes even before any of the betas!), you’ll have to pardon our dust as we continue to iterate on our game to make sure it’s the best that it can be! This means you’ll see things in progress, a slightly sparse support site, and ever-evolving systems. But don’t you worry! We’re gonna try to answer as many of your questions as possible. 

When is the Alpha? 

We will be running our Regional Alpha Test for Android devices in both Brazil and the Philippines. Start times will vary between regions, so be sure to check out the local times here: 

  • Brazil’s test will begin on June 5th at 18:00 and end on June 26th at 18:00.
  • The Philippines’ test will begin on June 6th at 18:00 and end on June 27th at 18:00.

Why is the Alpha only in Brazil and the Philippines?

The short answer is that we had to start somewhere! We know that the Alpha not being available in many regions can be a bit of a disappointment. We just want to stress that the Alpha is only the first phase as we take our baby steps towards the full launch. Please note that the Alpha is region-locked, and the wonderful world of mobile means if you try to access it from an another region, it won’t work!

Well, then when do other regions get access?!

We appreciate your patience as we begin to roll the game out to other regions across the globe. Keep an eye out for expanded access later this year.

But like… What even is an Alpha?

We get it. Alphas are an interesting feature of the video games industry. We’ve been working on this game, we’re excited to get it into your hands, but the thing is we need your input! Alphas are a way for us to test the game for a small group of players and see what we need to improve upon without overloading processes. The downside is that, yeah we really can only let in a small group of people. The upside is that as we start moving into our betas and beyond, we’ll be adding more people until full launch when it becomes open to the widest possible audience.

So an Alpha is like a test? 

Yup! It allows us to get a decent sample of gameplay feedback, make sure our systems are operational, and that the game, ya know, works the way we want it to without compromising infrastructure.

How do I get into the Alpha?

We wanted to err on the side of fairness for the Alpha, given its limited size, so access to the Alpha is almost completely random. This means that as long as your phone meets our minimum requirements, and you have pre-registered for the game on Google Play, you have a shot at getting in if you’re in one of the eligible regions. Just remember that though the pool is small, we will be bringing on more players throughout the Alpha, so even if you don’t get in initially, there is still a chance.

It says my device is not compatible!

For the Alpha, our minimum specs are higher than what they will be moving forward to help mitigate any potential bugs introduced by varying phone models. Please note that these will change, so just because your device isn’t compatible with the Alpha doesn’t mean it won’t play Wild Rift moving forward.

I was pre-registered, and now I’m not?! What gives, Rito?

You’re still pre-registered! The Alpha really is a small test-case, so your pre-registration won’t just vanish into the Void. The Alpha is less than a month long, so your status will revert appropriately once the Alpha has ended.

Okay, so where should I go for more information?

Head over to our official site where you can learn more about the game and keep an eye on Riot’s social media platforms in your region. 

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