Wild Rift - Star Guardian 2023

The Star Guardians are coming back to League of Legends: Wild Rift to save the day, and they've brought along some new recruits!


Start - September 27, 2023 // 00:00 UTC
End - October 10, 2023 // 23:59 UTC

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.


New Star Guardian missions?! Homework will have to wait!

One-Time Mission

You wanna know what it takes to be a true Star Guardian? Go check out the skin pages of the latest members:

  • Star Guardian Kai’Sa
  • Star Guardian Sona
  • Star Guardian Soraka
  • Star Guardian Zoe

Do that, and you'll unlock the Starchild to Star Guardian Icon!

Daily Missions

Being a Star Guardian means no days off!

These missions refresh daily at 00:00 UTC for the duration of the event. You can make progress on all missions simultaneously, so always give it your all!

Objective Reward
Play a match 2 XP
Get 20 takedowns 1 XP
As a team, destroy 15 turrets 1 XP
Play a match where there is at least 1 Star Guardian skin on the team 1 XP


Star Guardians may not fight for a reward, but who doesn't like a little token of appreciation for saving the world?

Milestone Rewards (Event XP)

Earn Event XP from the missions above to unlock the rewards below and put the forces of chaos in their place.

XP Required Reward
XP Required Reward
5 astral-menace-icon.png
Astral Menace Icon
10 30 Poro Coins
15 friends-forever-emote.png
Friends Forever Emote
20 70 Poro Coins
25 Star Guardian Skin Pose Selection Chest*
30 100 Poro Coins

*Choose one of the following skin poses:

  • Star Guardian Kai'Sa
  • Kai'Sa
  • Star Guardian Soraka
  • Soraka
  • Star Guardian Sona
  • Sona
  • Star Guardian Zoe
  • Zoe
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