Wild Rift - Soul Fighter

wild-rift-soul-fighter-kv.jpgThe Tournament of Souls begins once more, inviting those with Awakened Souls to compete for the ultimate prize—their soul's deepest desire. These high stakes have enticed even bigger personalities to take the stage in combat, so join League of Legends: Wild Rift in celebrating Soul Fighter in a battle like no other!


You can train for your whole life, but this tournament will only last about a month. Make every day count!

Start - July 21, 2023 // 00:00 UTC
Game Mode/Missions End - August 17, 2023 // 23:59 UTC
Token Shop Closes - August 24, 2023 // 23:59 UTC

*Dates and times are subject to change. Always check the in-game schedule for the most accurate information.

Minigame Combat

The event minigame is the heart and soul (heh) of Soul Fighter. Though some of the details change between Story, Arcade, and the Daily Challenge, the mechanics remain roughly the same—push the right buttons when prompted, build a huge combo, and crush your enemies.

Huh. Guess it puts the fighter in Soul Fighter, too!

How to Fight

There are 6 standard buttons: Up, Down, Left, Right, Attack 1, and Attack 2.

When the minigame begins, you'll be shown a set of 3–8 inputs that represent the order in which you must push those buttons. The next required input will always be highlighted, so it's easy to get back on track if you mess up. Each sequence is randomized and may include special prompts depending on the stage.
Press the right buttons in the correct order to launch an attack, which will:

  • Deal 1 damage to your opponent
  • Add 1 to your Combo
  • Reduce the Player Turn Meter by 25

Press the wrong button and you'll stumble, which will

  • Reset your Combo
  • Lock all inputs for .5 seconds

It may sound simple, but your opponent will come at you with a few feints to keep things spicy! Such as…

Mystery Inputs

A question mark? That's not one of your available buttons!


Whenever you see a question mark, that input will remain a mystery until it's time to push it, at which point you'll be shown the actual input! Be ready for anything, and you'll be ready for everything.

Reverse Inputs

Surprise! It's Opposite (Input) Day!

Reverse inputs require the player to push the opposite of what is shown on screen in order to move onto the next input.

  • Down = Up
  • Up = Down
  • Left = Right
  • RIght = Left
  • Attack 1 = Attack 2
  • Attack 2 = Attack 1

If reverse input is enabled for a particular stage, then any of the standard 6 inputs has a chance to be reversed. The exact probability depends on the stage and difficulty.

It's also possible for an input to be both hidden and reversed. This is, after all, a tournament for only the world's greatest Soul Fighters!

Combos and Soul Frenzy

Your Combo continues to build so long as you enter inputs correctly and don't let your PTM run out. While getting a Combo is fun on its own and a key part of the Daily Challenge, perfection's biggest perk is unleashing Soul Frenzy!

Soul Frenzy is a special input that only appears once you've entered a certain number of perfect inputs in a row (the exact number changes depending on the stage). Achieve that,  and your next button string will include a Soul Frenzy symbol as its last input.

Reach the Soul Frenzy icon with your combo yet unbroken and you'll automatically enter Soul Frenzy, where every button is the right button for 2 seconds!
You can even press all six buttons simultaneously during Soul Frenzy, so unleash your full button-mashing potential to maximize your combo and get that much closer to your NEXT Soul Frenzy.

You'll also deal a decent chunk of damage based on the number of buttons you manage to push:

Button Presses Damage
Button Presses Damage
0-2 2
3-4 3
5-6 4
7+ 5

Once Soul Frenzy is finished, your PTM restores to full and the game continues with your combo unbroken.

Player Turn Meter (PTM)

The Player Turn Meter (PTM) represents how much time you have to execute your attacks before the enemy strikes back (Except for in Daily Challenges). It's made of 100 Points and drains continuously at a rate of 10 Points per second.

Enter a set of inputs correctly, and you'll get 25 Points, buying you more time to enter more combos.

If the PTM reaches 0, your enemy will attack, reducing your HP by 1 and reseting your Combo. But don't give up! Enemy attacks also restore your PTM to 100, giving you a chance to dish out some revenge punches.

Story Mode

Be careful what you wish for—and what you fight for.

Draven entered the Tournament of Souls to make a name for himself, but when the results don't live up to expectations, it's time for some quiet introspection.

...Aww, who are we kidding?! It's time to double down and carve through the competition! Join Draven on his winding path to glory in the League of Legends: Wild Rift's Soul Fighter Event!

Navigating the Map

Your journey is laid out through a series of nodes that must be completed in order. There are two types of nodes:

Node Symbol What It Means

Comic nodes give you front-row seats to Wild Rift's Soul Fighter's high drama, where you'll witness interactions between key characters and follow their progress as the plot unfolds.

And don't worry if you miss something—you can always revisit a dialogue node at a later time.

combat-node.png Ready! Set! FIGHT! Combat nodes will drop you into the Wild Rift Soul Fighter combat minigame, where sharp reflexes and quick thinking are the keys to victory. They're also marked with three stars representing the game's three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Soul Crushing. See how many you can fill up to increase your Soul Rating and earn additional Story Rewards!

Soul Rating

Your Soul Rating is a great way to earn extra loot and flex your skill in Story Mode. You Improve your Soul Rating by earning stars, and you can earn up to three stars per combat node (one for each difficulty).

Soul Rating Prerequisites
Cool (C rank)
(B Rank)
10+ Stars
(A Rank)
20+ Stars
Soul Master
(S Rank)
30+ Stars

While Soul Rating's a good way to prove your prowess, Soul Charge is how you progress through the story!

Soul Charge

Your Soul Charge is the best indicator of your overall Soul Fighter progress and dictates which stages you can access. You can increase it by playing matches or completing the Daily Challenge to earn Soul XP, which gets you 1 Soul Charge Level for 100 Soul XP.

Soul Charge Level Requirement

There are two boxes you have to check to progress through Story Mode:

  • Complete all previous nodes
  • Meet that node's Soul Charge requirement
Node Required Soul Charge
1–5 0
6–7 10
8–9 15
10–11 20
12–13 25
14–15 30
16–17 35
18–19 40
20–24 45

Soul Charge Cap

You can only increase your Soul Charge up to a certain value depending on how much time has passed since the event began. This means you'll have to pace yourself if you jump in right when the event starts, but if you wait two weeks, then the sky (and 100 Soul Charge) is the limit!

Date Soul Charge Cap
Start of Event 10
Day 2 15
Day 4 20
Day 6 25
Day 8 30
Day 10 35
Day 12 40
Day 14 100

Once you hit the Soul Charge Cap, keep in mind that any additional Soul XP you earn will not be tracked if you continue to queue up.

How to Earn Soul XP

Win or lose, you'll be getting Soul XP just for playing.

…Though you will generally earn more for winning. It is a tournament, after all!

Match Result Soul XP
Ranked PVP Victory 100
Defeat 50
ARAM Victory 60
Defeat 30
Duel Victory 20
Defeat 10
Co-Op vs AI N/A  20
Daily Challenge Varies Varies

Story Mode Rewards

Experiencing the thrilling story of Soul Fighter firsthand is its own reward, but why not get a few extra perks along the way?

In the chart below, blue indicates comic nodes, while red means combat nodes.

Node Normal / First Time Rewards Hard Rewards Soul Crushing Rewards
1 25 Blue Motes    
2 400 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes
3 25 Blue Motes    
4 400 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes
5 25 Blue Motes    
6 25 Blue Motes    
7 400 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes
8 25 Blue Motes    
9 400 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes
10 25 Blue Motes    
11 400 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes
12 25 Blue Motes    
13 400 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes
14 25 Blue Motes    
15 400 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes
16 25 Blue Motes    
17 400 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes
18 25 Blue Motes    
19 400 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes
20 25 Blue Motes    
21 400 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes
22 25 Blue Motes    
23 500 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes
24 25 Blue Motes    

Arcade Mode

Blast through the Story Mode and wish you had more enemies to fight? Arcade is the mode for you!

Arcade Mode opens up once you hit Soul Charge Lv. 50 and receive your first Arcade Key, which you can use to unlock any one of the five Arcade champions.

Yasuo - Face your enemies with VERY little health. One mistake can cost you everything!

Draven - You'll have to think on your feet when it comes to Draven, as more and more of your button inputs will become hidden!

Irelia - Whoa—that's a LOT of HP. Time to chain those Soul Frenzies!

Xin Zhao - Only the quick and clever will survive when mystery and reverse buttons abound! 

Nilah - Invert your way of thinking to take on Nilah's reverse-button-filled stages!

Although the specifics of each Champion's arcade experience differ, their reward tracks are identical:

Node Normal / First Time Rewards Hard Rewards Soul Crushing Rewards
1–3 100 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes
4 150 Tokens 50 Poro Energy 25 Blue Motes

Keen on besting them all? Just keep building your Soul Charge to earn all five Arcade Keys!

Daily Challenge

The Daily Challenge unlocks after you complete Node 5 and is a great way to earn a lot of Soul XP in a short time—by PUNCHING A CAR.

While you'll still push the prompted buttons to pull off monster combos, Daily Challenges differ from Story/Arcade Mode in a few key ways:

  • 30 second time limit
  • No enemy attacks (it's a car)
  • Score-based (Enemy HP doesn't matter!)

In other words, it's all about seeing how many points you can earn in a limited time! You'll earn a bonus multiplier after hitting a certain Combo and Soul Frenzy is still available, so precision is just as key as speed.

The higher your score, the more Soul XP you get. You can also attempt each Daily Challenge as many times as you like, though your max daily Soul XP earnings are capped at 200 for the first two weeks and 400 thereafter.

But you don't have to stop after hitting that cap! In fact, there's a Leaderboard celebrating each Challenge's top 200 players. See how high you can climb before the Leaderboardand that day's Soul XP capreset every day at 00:00 UTC!


Most achievements can be unlocked just by playing Soul Fighter's three modes: Story, Arcade, and Daily Challenge. Glory can be found in any battle!

Achievement Objective Reward
Tournament Begins Visit the Soul Fighter event for the first time 500 Blue Motes
Level Up! (1) Reach Soul Charge Lv. 10 500 Tokens
Level Up! (2) Reach Soul Charge Lv. 20 500 Tokens
Level Up! (3) Reach Soul Charge Lv. 30 500 Tokens
Level Up! (4) Reach Soul Charge Lv. 40 500 Tokens
Level Up! (5) Reach Soul Charge Lv. 50 1 Arcade Key
Level Up! (6) Reach Soul Charge Lv. 60 1 Arcade Key
Level Up! (7) Reach Soul Charge Lv. 70 1 Arcade Key
Level Up! (8) Reach Soul Charge Lv. 80 1 Arcade Key
Level Up! (9) Reach Soul Charge Lv. 90 1 Arcade Key
MAX Level Reach Soul Charge Lv. 100 soul-fighter-spawn-tag.png
Soul Fighter Spawn Tag (Permanent!)
Fearsome Fighter Beat 5 stages on Normal difficulty 250 Tokens
Peerless Warrior Beat 10 stages on Normal difficulty 250 Tokens
Starry Eyed Get at least 15 stars in Story Mode 500 Blue Motes
My Blade, My Soul Beat Yasuo's Arcade mode eye-flash-yasuo.pngEye Flash Emote
Admire Me Beat Draven's Arcade mode superfly-emote.pngSuperfly Emote
Waters Cut Deep Beat Nilah's Arcade mode plotting-emote.png
Plotting Emote
Perfection of Form Beat Irelia's Arcade mode ad-visor-y-emote.png
Ad-visor-y Emote
Victory Calls Beat Xin Zhao's Arcade mode pass-emote.pngPass Emote
Flawless Get a 50+ hit combo 500 Blue Motes
Training Exercises Participate the Daily Challenge on 5 separate days 250 Tokens
Scrap Heap Participate the Daily Challenge on 10 separate days 250 Tokens

Token Shop

Spend your hard-earned Tokens in the Token Shop to get a variety of prizes!

Some rewards can be purchased multiple times, and the last four (highlighted in blue!) will only be available once you've completed Story Mode in Normal or higher.

Reward Stock Cost (Tokens)
Blue Motes x 50 50 20
Poro Coins x 20 10 50
The One Eyed God Icon
1 150
Poro Punch! Emote
1 200
Televised Tournament Emote
1 200
Jumbotron Bauble
1 350

Soul Fighter Champion Selection Chest

(Choose one of the following champions)

  • Yasuo
  • Draven
  • Nilah
  • Irelia
  • Xin Zhao
2 300
Soul Fighter Pose Selection Chest
(Choose one of the following poses)
  • Soul Fighter Yasuo (Regular)
  • Soul Fighter Draven (Regular)
  • Soul Fighter Nilah (Regular)
  • Soul Fighter Irelia (Regular)
  • Soul Fighter xin Zhao (Regular)
1 400
Event Icon Selection Chest 1 200
Event Emote Selection Chest 1 400
Event Bauble Selection Chest 1 400
Poro Energy x 500 10 400
Soul Duel Icon Border
1 500
Imposs-eyeball Escape! Recall
1 700
The God's Eye Icon
1 75

Soul Fighter Tag Duel Mode

Though this game mode is based on our Duel Mode, it's about three times as complex since...well, each player chooses three different champions! So let's talk over what other differences you can expect.

The game starts all champions at level 11 with pre-upgraded abilities and auto-purchased items according to their loadout. You also begin with two-out-of-three points of Energy, and it costs one Energy every time you switch champs. But don't worry! You regenerate one Energy every 20 seconds and your Energy increases by one point upon death, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to make use of your full roster.

Whenever you swap in a champion for the first time, they enter the fray with fresh cooldowns and the same percent health as the tagged-out champion. Any champions you swap out have their cooldowns tracked from that point, so while most standard abilities will be ready the next time they tag in, Ultimates usually will not.

You can also build a combo counter by quickly dealing damage with different abilities within a short time. What's the point of winning if you don't style on your opponent a bit, too?

The game ends when one player has died four times, which—like normal Duel Mode—may be expedited by a closing ring of fire if the match goes too long.

Finally, we've applied a flat damage and healing reduction across the board to open up more room for strategic gameplay.

Soul Fighter Bounty Promotion

Looking to make every match the Tournament of Draven with a slick new skin? Consider checking out the Soul Fighter Bounty Promo for a chance to deck out your favorite axe-thrower with slick new duds, not to mention a slew of other prizes!

Just note that this promotion is completely separate from the Soul Fighter Event and doesn't share any mechanics or items.

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